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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

El Estratega: Dos

Need more zzz, hopefully can finish this by tonight. That plus I'm gonna stir up some shit again for the other two last 16 matches tonight. On a side note, I realised I need to use Sue Storm more. Then I found out playing time is a luxury only others can afford. This is due to me getting hooked on taking the black. With my Eternal Splinters nearing the 400 mark, I think I need to choose between Gambit, Nightcrawler and Deadpool asap. Gambit seems like the most fun bloke to use tho and this got nothing to do w/the whole Gambit x Rogue deal. Then I realised 3 things:

1. Deadpool is double confirm broken tier, that's why Wade Wilson cost 600 ES instead of just 400. Pretty much like employing José "O Especial" Mourinho or Louis "van Goal" van  Gaal via some bloody fat contract.
2. Using Kurt Wagner can be both fun and frustrating at the same time due to a somewhat high learning curve early in-game. Getting yourself killed can be extremely easy if you're out to play Nightcrawler like the brand of football prescribed by Ian "barking mad Ian" Holloway or Mogga. You really need to think like Michael "still on the rocks" Laudrup or Mauricio "poached by Jewtown" Pochettino. Period.
3. Karanka suddenly reminds me of Gambit for no reason at all. Either 'tis Remy LeBeau or Wolverine. vOv

How my life sucks big time...
《史记; 留侯世家》

At Huaiyang, Liang went through a life of learning. Somewhere eastbound, he met the Sage of Canghai. Gaining the aid of a strong man armed with a metal hammer weighing two hundred catty, the duo executed an assassination attempt on the Qin Emperor at Bolangsha. Alas it was a failure, for they accidentally attacked the second carriage instead.Utterly angered, the Qin Emperor ordered a massive manhunt as a result. Hence, Liang was forced to change his name entirely while living as a desperado in Xiapi.
《Annals of History; Marquis of Liu》
Written by Sima Qian

They say if you can't make it, upgrade yourself. This was exactly what Zhang Liang did. By travelling throughout Huaiyang, Zhang Liang must have seen and learnt a lot. Via some chance (?) meeting with a sage (i.e. a person of high learning), Zhang Liang managed to gain a decent semblance of personal upgrading. His only problem? Some things will never change.

We always have the tendency to see ourselves as super clever, but nvr before in our lives have we ever considered ourselves to the real Super Eagles. [1] The same goes for Zhang Liang. In the grand ol' system of hanyu pinyin, only one alphabet separates Zhang Liang and Zhang Lang. The former refers to this titular target of analysis, the latter is quintessentially how every Geordie generic and Mackem smack'em views the super Smoggies atm. [2] Yes, you all might have guessed it. Zhang Lang[蟑螂]=Xiao Qiang[小强]=cockroach.

Long story short, Zhang Liang attempted to assassinate the object of his hatred (some say source of sorrow). As it turned out, this attempt at vengeance backfired spectacularly. While history can be extremely coy on the damning details 10 times out of 10, I believe it may be implied that Zhang Liang's failure might not be so much of an accident. Rather, it could be equally likely that the Qin Emperor actually got a contingency plan in action. It's just like imagining a strikeforce of Grafite and Edin "not Eden" Džeko where you can nvr second guess who's the decoy and who's the real killer.

Suffice to say, the Palpatine of Qin wasn't extremely amused by the fact that some nobody attempted to take his life. Albeit Zhang Liang was def the instigator while his partner in crime was actually the one committing this crime. So how did Palpatine of Qin knew Zhang Liang's existence? Nothing was being stated black and white, but I firmly believe said accomplice got busted (note that in the original context, the wording seems to hint at Zhang Liang's cover being blown. Nothing was explicitly stated whether both he-who-does-violence and he-who-makes-others-do-violence-for-him escaped cleanly).
The Qin dynasty will always be remembered for all the correct and wrong reasons.

Correct reasons stated below:
1. Economic reforms
2. Lingual reforms
3. Gahmen reforms
4. Eons before UNESCO defined history once again, someone had to do something abt some Xiongnu rapist army.

Wrong reasons stated below:
1. Massive crackdown on scholars of opposing thoughts, an event tantamount to the Great Purge or Cultural Revolution.
2. Cruel slavery in the name of national security, I'm talking abt point 4 in above mentioned part.
3. Sent a group of lolis and shotas to somewhere we might have nvr heard of, that was eons before the coming of Christopher Columbus or Marco Polo. Apparently, this might be why ppl associate Japan w/shotacon and lolicon.
4. Left a larger than every life legacy. In short, his failure retardo of a heir actually made Cha Eun-sang looks like some Rule 63 ver of Zhang Liang.

And lastly. can you imagine changing your name entirely? There are ppl who believed changing names will change their luck. Folks from eons past ain't that superstitious back then. [3] We the Chinese are stereotyped as 100% gullible in the face of individuals claiming hocuspocus in the name of Seleção Brasileira. I know the beautiful cousin of hocuspocus [4], but I don't profess to know who shall be the key man defining Die Adler. [5]

What I'm trying to say is this: Changing your name entirely=you not filial, you go to hell. While there had been individuals having done so in the annals of history, their reasons were down to running away in the name of pragmatism. [6] Also...

《史记; 留侯世家》

Settling down at Xiapi, Zhang Liang became an errant individual living according to his whims. A certain Xiang Bo then followed Liang into hiding due to an act of murder.
《Annals of History; Marquis of Liu》
Written by Sima Qian

While I cannot say when above mentioned event happened (note that understanding Chinese history can be excruciating sometimes due to arrangement in events NOT being done in chronological order at times), it must be said that Xiang Bo was Xiang Yu's uncle. Remember folks, every body wanted to have a piece of that tyrant grandfather. Unfortunately, not everyone got the chances and those who did... well, I figured they all ended like some bloke named Jing Ke. In short, if you cannot kill that scoundrel, at least settle for a lesser substitute. [7] That's what Xiang Bo did, arguably I can say he's more intelligent (?). [8]

To be cont'd due to that most obvious 90 min bs...

[1]: Unless you happen to be Kenneth "not omelette" Omeruo, who happens to be hell bent in signing one more season on loan for us.
[2]: If only we can have 11 million quids for Ross "not McCormick" McCormack. Thankfully, I might have devised a way to play party pooper just like how we've done so for Burnley last time round. ;)
[3]: Altho they still believed in plenty of gutao-behbin...
[5]: Unless we're talking abt der Einzelgynger below...
Or whoever is der kerl supplying ammo links/recht+der kern
Now if only I can snag my ideal gf and take a trip to Hamburg w/her just 4 teh lulz...
[6]: Some known examples apart from Zhang Liang would be Guan Yu and Zhang Liao of the Three Kingdoms era.
[7]: Fat Bastard on the loose!!!!! Freys and Boltons alike, you all have been warned in advance...
[8]: We may be freaks, but we are heroic freaks... vOv