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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Proof of local talent

Finally reach the end of this. Apparently, I'll have plenty of time to waste myself away 18-25 Oct due to my sis and mom jetting off to the correct Korea.

P.S: This may be my last blog post for the time being since I killed my mom's laptop and my desktop is now beyond life support.
A/N: Ah well, at least I can have a hand in footie formation doodling and random writing lolz. Hopefully can some up with a decent next chapter for ART.

But firstly, let's time jump
[Yu left behind two sons and a daughter, the latter betrothed to the Crown Prince. His elder son, Xun, was made the Capital Commander of Cavalry. Having his father's air, Xun sadly passed away early.]

Good looking parents=good looking children. It's a no-brainer to see Zhou Yu's daughter marrying Sun Quan's firstborn son, the only bummer was his son, Zhou Xun, passing away early. Fyi, a Capital Commander is he who bosses the capital city's forces, i.e. Zhou Xun was in charge of Eastern Wu's capital cavalry.
In ancient times, cavalry was extremely prized as vital tactical units working in tandem with infantry forces. Needless to say, training decent mounted troops was a certified drag. This is also why those assuming command must have a sharp military brain, let alone strongly trusted. Also, it must be known that such mounted units during that time were considered light/medium cavalry. In short, disruption via mobility and speed is the vital key.
Interestingly, Zhao Yun was Liu Bei's chief cavalry commander way before the Sun-Liu alliance took place (yes, Zhao Yun is my fave Shu Han general b/c he's way too underrated).

[Xun's younger brother, Yin, was the Capital Commander of Prosperity. His wife a part of Sun clan, he was granted a thousand personal soldiers and being stationed at Gong'an. During the first year of Huanglong calender, he was bestowed the honorary title of a capital marquis. Afterwards, he was exiled to Luling county.]

The prophet Jeremiah was right after all. Thankfully, I can never call myself a good Christian.

[*sorry, above shit too cumbersome*]

During the second year of Chiwu calender, we got two big ****s shooting court appeal. Lest you ppl think I bullshitting, go Google Zhuge Jin and Bu Zhi. Basically, the contents of appeal went on and on about Zhou Yu's contribution especially routing Cao Cao at Wuling.


[*sorry, same as above]

Appeal rejected, Sun Quan wasn't really that heartless. The only problem? Zhou Yin had a problem with himself, which resulted in Sun Quan having a problem with him. It's one thing to be inept, quite another to get drunk and horny.
Ofc appeal finally went thru, but this still happened.


It doesn't matter apart from the fact that yet another family descendant bites the dust, yet another family inheritor has a problem with himself, i.e. own personal character.

So let's get back to time
[Liu Bei is indeed a hero. With Guan Yu and Zhang Fei as fearsome warriors, he will not be content to be others' mere second. Hence, listen to what your lowly vassal has to say: 'Tis best for us to build a fine palace in Wu in order to house Bei. Through beautiful ladies and fanciful toys, he will surely be distracted while separated from the latter two. By holding Liu Bei hostage, we will gain a major leverage. Now that the three are united in the same territory, we must act swiftly. For a dragon can never be restrained once it tastes falling rain."]

Dragons were seen as a symbol of power back then. In fact, the emperor would always be regarded as an incarnation of one. In times of turmoil, only the truly capable are regarded as potential dragons. Yet, only one out of many can unify and rule. This is why Zhou Yu advised Sun Quan to do this-and-that. Sounds eerily familiar? You're not alone b/c Luo Guanzhong bullshitted all of us.

Result: Rejection approved, Sun Quan vetoed the vote. This was down to Cao Cao still remaining a threat, whatever fear materialised soon after. Incidentally, subsequent conflicts actually made Gan Ning and Zhang Liao BA famous altho we all know both were born to shatter the BA metre.

Liu Bei's answer to Gongjin's trollolol

Above commentary comes from Accounts of Jiangbiao aka Pei Songzhi's annotations. This was most likely after the conclusion of Red Cliff since technically, the war wasn't over until most of Jing Province was won over. Long story short, Liu Bei decided to troll Zhou Yu behind his back. As we all know by now, if you troll Zhou Yu, you troll the entire Eastern Wu.
Above statement is all about Liu Bei stating that a man of Gongjin's stature will surely leave Sun Quan one fine day. In short, either he'll go west (i.e. Liu Bei's imminent base) or north (i.e. emulating Guan Yu years ago without strings attached). Ofc Liu Bei's intent was lagi clear, I don't have to spell it out for you.

Zhou Yu's countermeasure (?)
[During that time, Liu Zhang was the Governor of Yi Province. Upon knowing Zhang Lu's constant invasion (on Yi Province), Zhou Yu sought an audience with Quan, saying: "With Cao Cao recently routed, he also has to deal with inner unrest, hence unable to utilise his full might. Your lowly vassal beseech us to attack the lands of Shu first, after which we shall defeat Zhang Lu. After securing whatever conquered territory, we can easily forge an alliance with Ma Chao. After all is said and done, I will be able to return with Your Grace to seize Xiangyang. Then we can start casting our sights on the northern lands.]

Firstly, Yi Province=Shu. It's very simple due to the nature of ancient Chinese history. Now just a little bit info on the terrain. As for Zhang Lu, he's the ruler of Hanzhong, the self-proclaimed Lord of Han'ning. Hanzhong had always been Yi Province's northern terrain buffer together with Chencang (the other two buffer zones being Badong and Longxi). Interestingly enough, Yi and Jing were actually linked together via the Yangtze (which is why this happened). In short, by securing the western front, Sun Quan would possess an undeniable advantage, i.e. one stretching land just south of Cao Cao's north. At that time, Xiangyang was still under Cao Cao's control due to its defensive value.
Note that this event took place shortly before a certain somebody's untimely death...

How evil man appreciates good talent
[*let my analysis below do the talking pls]

This was much earlier. Apparently, even Cao Cao appreciated Gongjin and as any history buff may tell you, it's not every day Mengde does that. In fact the term [有美才] alludes to both Zhou Yu's capability and character.
So what Cao Cao did is very simple: Employ verbal talent to persuade military talent. Jiang Gan was described as an exceptional looking man blessed with a gift of gab. In fact, it's said that no one had ever bested him in any debate. Of course such means was the acceptable norm in a sense that the ancient Chinese actually gauged talent in terms of intellectual level.
I can't be bothered to translate every word spoken by Zhou Yu and Jiang Gan, so let me just summarise things a little bit:
Basically, Zhou Yu already knew why Jiang Gan visited him. In fact, Zhou Yu was rather blunt in asking whether Jiang Gan is out to convince him in turning coat. Ziyi (i.e. Jiang Gan's style name) could only buat bodoh, but he knew by then what it means by game over. In fact, Gongjin using music as a parallel statement has to be the icing on the cake.
One interesting fact is that this was Zhou Yu's way of saying "okay, I still trust you 'cuz you're my friend". In short, civility wasn't compromised, this had to be the real checkmate.
Of course after that, Zhou Yu later organised a banquet as recompense, there was no way Jiang Gan could go about persuading his buddy. Why?
Because the ancient Chinese placed a great importance on mutual respect paid and integrity. Zhou Yu took the initiative, Jiang Gan would risk humiliation if he chose to press the issue home. Not to mention his big boss also.
Note-And this is not including Gongjin taking Ziyi on an excursion in his encampment. Technically speaking ofc since you don't expect N.Korea to educate S.Koreans and Japanese in every and any shit possible.

[When Yu routed the Wei forces, Duke Cao stated: "There is no shame behind my defeat.
Yet after, he sent a message to Quan, saying thus: "The war at Red Cliffs was hampered by pestilence. Together with my decision to burn the boats, this is why Zhou Yu gained renowned status for free."
Indeed such was Zhou Yu's repute that Duke Cao and Liu Bei were intent on belittling him.]

Translation says it all, really.
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