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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Tsukihime (H&K)

We all know the remake will be coming anytime soon, but for now, this will be about Shiki and his chicks *cough*cough*.

Far Side of the Moon
I'm going by ascending order this time round. Firstly, this is the gaiden portion of the plot where the side story's focus is on the family politics surrounding the Tohno family. In spite of being the so-called main antagonist, Roa/SHIKI bore no relevance to any FSotM route. Yet, it must also be said that SHIKI was the catalyst behind every family tragedy made possible...
Note-Far Side actually covers the Tohno aspect of the plot, therefore the theme of eternity vs living is quintessentially non-existent.

Hisui & Kohaku
The reason why I put the twin maids together is down both having a mutual antithesis kinship. Why did I say so? Very simple, for Hisui was never the abused one while Kohaku was never the cheerful one. Quite the other way round, for Shiki ended up confusing Hisui for Kohaku and vice-versa.

This has to be the darkest route in-game (note that I'm talking about Hisui+Kohaku, not individually). In particularly, Kohaku's half was especially cynical given the fact that she's that rape victim, not Hisui. As a 3rd party observer, I believe what truly defines my opinion was how Nasu utilized two different POVs with exact nature. Sounds cheem? Well, let's put things this way: It's all about common identity and symbolism vs both being two different characters. Hisui was wearing mask, ditto for Kohaku. In short, 'tis a story defined by self-deception. Nowhere in Tsukihime had we seen anything like this, even the Heaven's Feel route (arguably the darkest plot Nasu ever did so far) in Fate/stay night is all about being true to oneself.

We all know Hisui's decision to maintain a cold exterior was down to protecting the older Kohaku, we all know which sibling got raped by the previous family head of Tohno, Makihisa. Ironically, the only reason justifying Hisui protecting Kohaku was the latter making the same decision pertaining to whatever sexual abuse suffered under Makihisa.

Kohaku's life mirrors Shiki's, this is why only Shiki could unlock her heart. Hisui could never do it because her role is a guardian, not someone walking the same path. To prove what I'm saying might not be a long shot, try understanding why Kohaku was the one giving him the ribbon before he left for the Arima family. I'm NOT talking about Shiki being the only one noticing her existence behind a room window, but rather HOW on earth did he manage to do so, something others failed to do.

One interesting plot play is a switch in identity, that Hisui was wearing Kohaku's actual self as her mask while Kohaku also did the same where Hisui is concerned. While Hisui was doing it to protect her sister, I believe Kohaku's mask was proof of her weakness, that she could never live like the real Hisui. This is why she called herself a doll. A doll to Tohno Makihisa, a doll to the Tohno family, and most importantly, a doll to herself. In this respect, Kohaku has got to be the most ironic heroine in-game. This is also why she's the reason why shit has to happen due to her deliberate schemes to destroy the Tohno clan. She loathed the fact that she's the only one suffering, she couldn't bring herself to hate Hisui because shit happened out of self-volition. It was also this conflicting mindset which defines Kohaku's journey from slavery to freedom. And I believe this is why Kohaku's True Ending is also considered her deserved Ending.

As for Hisui, she's wearing a mask of weakness hiding her strength. Yet, we mustn't forget that Hisui, like your everyday girl on the streets, deserves a shot at actual happiness. I do find it interesting that despite having no actual powers (apart from that... erm...(*゚ェ゚*)... ), that girl is actually emotionally the strongest. When Tohno Shiki first arrived in the family, he didn't want to venture beyond his shell due to his real family slaughtered by Makihisa's machination. Hisui was the only person around brave and kind enough to offer him friendship, this particular chapter in Shiki's life managed to go a long way in defining his view on life. Lest we forget, Shiki has to carry the burden of seeing death, not to mention the absolute power to kill just about anything. If Aoko's presence gave him a definite path to tread, then Hisui's gesture would be the source. Without Hisui, we can be very sure Shiki would have gone insane.

Come to think of it, aren't we the same as well? We all have our worries and sorrows, sufferings which we do not want our loved ones to know. Why? Because we fear hurting them? Or maybe we feel they won't be able to help? There are two types of trust: Either you trust those willing to listen or you end up trusting those who suffered in similar ways. This is what Nasu is trying to bring across, I believe. That there will be more than one way to happiness, fortune will always favor the bold. Yet, such boldness can never be obtained in the classroom or living room. This is something which only the other person can give, that empathy is the only route to true love.

Respective Endings
Hisui-Two Endings, one True and one Good. First, the Good Ending. Kohaku attempted suicide, Shiki managed to save her in time. True Ending is quintessentially a tragic conclusion to a tragic family drama. I used to read a bit of Shakespeare (not even good enough to consider myself as a novice though) despite my apparent failure in formal education, that was during my teenage years. If Hamlet is all about revenge, then Kohaku is your Rule 63 Hamlet. They tend to say karma is a bitch, Hisui's True Ending highlights the answer why. In a bid to end her bitterness, Kohaku discovered there's already no place left for her, that only death can liberate herself and even more importantly, Hisui's future with Shiki. This has to be the most cynical ending Tsukihime has to offer since this is indeed a story of vengeance where death is the only mercy available at the end.

Kohaku-Only one Ending, which is considered both True and Good. In particular, the Nanaya forest now being a backdrop of hope is what I'll call the best "happily ever after" technique. You see, Shiki's actual family was Nanaya, a clan of Demon hunters prone to brutality in hunting down their prey (i.e. Demons). In this sense, the Nanaya clan are more akin to those they hunt rather than who they are (i.e. humans). No thanks to Makihisa employing that BA half-Demon, Kishima Kouma, the entire clan got brutally massacred apart from Shiki (and please don't ask me why Makihisa spared him. I suspect this might be some kind of stupid plot armor). No matter what, if Hisui's True Ending is all about realism, then Kohaku's is 100% idealism. To further prove Nasu is a nutcase for irony, this is a case of cynicism begetting idealism. Remember that is was a place brimming with sorrowful memories, a parallel to much of Hisui's life. In a very real sense, this feels like the most apt way to conclude the Far Side half since Kohaku was, after all, the actual villain in the grand scheme. A symbolic case of confronting the past in order to achieve victory?

To be cont'd...
Next up-Akiha ojou-sama