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Monday, 15 April 2013

Kork M. Hancock, Rogue Economist: Benefits of war for global economy and a higher civilisation (Part 2)

In spite of this lobo columnist's insistence that he should be given a day off, we at the IRE decided that he's too lazy to be trusted. Hence we decided to show him a motivational piece of work written by the all too famous local talent Act Blur Ong. Thankfully, this columnist had decided that some things do need a kick up the ass.
~ Sincerely yours, Institute of Rogue Economists
Signed by High Dean, Highest Prof Simisai

Tigress Allen: Eh, I thought you should be saying somebody, not something lah, Professeur! Want me to jagah this stupid horny idiot 24/7?

Prof Simisai: Erm, okay lah! Boleh. Just make sure that stupid buaya of yours don't end up swimming somewhere along the Sil*s* Beach, okay? There way too many hot foreign bikini girls, cannot play play one hor!

Part 2: World Warcraft II (abbrev: WW2)
Funny leh... how come I kenna this kind of weird bullshit? Okay never mind. So here we are talking about war and economy. Or simply put, war economy. In the first part, I have covered the implied effect on global economy. In short, times of war bring the weapon makers money, times of peace means such makers lose money. Times of war will always make education lose money, times of peace will always make education earn money. Apart from education, one of the greatest saying in human history is this:

Innovation is the mother of all necessity, creativity is the husband of innovation.

And nothing justifies such a truth anymore than World Warcraft II. If WW1 is all about somewhere in the Western hemisphere, then WW2 is all about the Eastern hemisphere. Due to potential trauma incurred via PTSD spanning at least two generations, nothing will be said on the war processing apart from the most important parts.

2nd Match: How post-war economy boomed its way through
This has to be the fastest war ever concluded. The two warring nations? On the further East, we have Sun-Goku (pronounce: san-go-ku). On the end, we have the Bountiful Democratic State of Megasocko (abbrev: BDSM). Without telling everybody the result of the war, let me jump in straightaway on the aftermath. In fact, it's pointless for me to view my thoughts on who should be winner anyway. As famous historian, Tay Tai Tai has so famously put it:

One can never discern how history should be interpreted. Roman history have the Roman gods, Irish history also have Irish gods. In fact, gods exist everywhere because only gods have the right to write history. The rest like you and me can just only bullshit our way through. Relatively speaking of course.

So let's jump straight to the core. What is post-war economy? Famous war economist, Bom Eran has this to say:

Wars happen for a reason, money will always be spent on war. Once war is finished, all involved parties have to find ways and means to earn some more money. Because war is only about destroying stuff and random lives, money is something that stays forever. Not to mention every country will lose money in any event of war due to collateral damages incurred.

Therefore, it has been agreed among historians that not only Sun-Goku suffered collateral damages, BDSM also suffered the same fate. So how do we perceive the race to productivity? Herein, allow me to utilize a time chart.

War concluded via a ceasefire (although different gods=different mythology)

Sun-Goku being the one far worse off, had to rely on BDSM's aid.

Sun-Goku managed to manufacture its first invention that will change the world for good. It's called mosaic technology.

BDSM bought the creative rights to mosaic technology from Sun-Goku. Come the next day, every BDSM citizens ended up taking to the streets. The reason why? They're pretty much pissed off towards why Sun-Goku is such a hopelessly depraved nation coming up with such a hopelessly depraved technology.

Surprise! No one made anymore noise where BDSM was concerned. Because big bucks started coming in, no one ended up complaining.

Sun-Goku citizens were now very pissed off. They can't believe their most hated enemy had stolen a march on them! Due to high fantasy being the norm in BDSM, a certain studio in Sun-Goku, GAINEH started an Elven parody of sorts. Without corrupting the children, let's just say that Elven chick this time round had gotten an upgrade in bouncing tits.

Again, BDSM citizens rose up in peaceful revolts statewide. This time round however, Sun-Goku got the final laugh due to every Sun-worshiping geek firmly believing that localization means a compromise in sound quality. In short, the normal citizens were outnumbered 1:9 in proportion scale.

A deal was struck between two nations, two international hubs were built as a result. The HQ in Sun-Goku would be helmed by GAINEH, which is still going strong. The BDSM side would be situated at a newly acquired island renamed Long Pito Island. Incidentally, pacifists all over the world decried this very act. As in BDSM annexing Long Pito Island (sorry amigos, I don't really remember Long Pito Island's original name).

A resurgence of traditional values have suddenly popped out of nowhere. In a bid to seize political power via lawful means, newly elected president of BDSM, Mr Socko, had announced a brand new law targeted at a hopelessly corrupted people (which now stands at 99.99999.....%). No one took the bill seriously enough anyway in spite of the name being mooted as The Bill of Family Rights. Sun-Goku on the other hand, is still enjoying the ripe international fruits of GAINEH's now famous Elven pr0n. Yes, we're talking about the current year here.

*Latest update!*
Bill of Family Rights is now vetoed due to Mr Socko double confirmed as a sock puppet...
At the same time, Mr Socko is now officially impeached.
And the first elected president of BDSM to be impeached at that.