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Monday, 8 April 2013

Just some random dialogue/quotes... (Guy Cody)

Just a word of note, guys. Any quotes/dialogue listed in my FB status/blog posts thus far should NOT be seen as legit unless I demand any to be so.

Further references (4 teh lulz!)

"To win my fair lady's hand and champion every honour... this is my life and ambition! Wait a holy sec, why give me that face, Catts?"

"Your father said this, your mother said that. Do I look like your father or mother? If no, it means you're bullshitting."

"I tried my hand in cleaning a stag carcass when I was fourteen. Uncle Parky was utterly flabbergasted because he never knew I was capable of that. And by that, I mean talking to some noble's daughter, not butchering some dead animal."

"Oops, that's the last round. Guess I lost the buff poker, guys. Should I just lose my boxers or maybe I should try pummelling everybody not from Teesside?"

"Isolation due to that buff poker fight? Well, at least I did something correct..."

"Okay, so let me get this clear. The other fella should be bullied because he's not one of us? Can you try defining what is 'us'? Racially, physically, sexually or intelligently?"

"Okay, okay! I know you're pissed, Uncle Parky! I know I shouldn't smash a bottle against a righteous guy twice my size, I know I shouldn't try saving a girl in the process. Happy?"

"So you think you're untouchable? Fine then. I don't mind touching you with this steel pole you're seeing in my hand."

"The preacher was boring the hell out of me, Uncle Parky! I could have tried forcing myself awake, but I failed! Does that mean I will fail in life?"

Dialogue I

Moggray Tonn: Idiot! Who told you to pummel anybody from the Tyneside?

Guy Cody: Well... the preacher last time round? Like two years ago?

Moggray Tonn: Don't fuck around with me, boy. You get me?

Guy Cody: But I like that preacher! He said every man should fight for what is truly right!

Moggray Tonn: And the lads from Tyneside are wrong?

Guy Cody: They insulted Uncle Parky as half-assed cripple doomed to die a cripple!

Moggray Tonn: Alright, that's it! Isolation for three weeks!

Guy Cody: Wait a holy sec, shouldn't it be three months?

Moggray Tonn: Clever lad. No wonder you look like a man.

Dialogue II

Alestrial Eliaden: Guy... can I ask you a question?

Guy Cody: Okay, just shoot.

Alestrial Eliaden: Have you ever liked somebody before?

Guy Cody: Like who?

Alestrial Eliaden: Never mind then. I'm glad that you have given me an unexpected answer.

Guy Cody: Unexpected answer? You don't seem angry...

Alestrial Eliaden: And why should I? I did say I'm glad, not angry. Thank you for giving me the best birthday gift ever.

Guy Cody: Fourteenth birthday?

Alestrial Eliaden: Sixteenth, not fourteenth. You're incorrigible, Guy Cody.

Final words

"Fuck all of this! Fuck the Quintet, fuck the Church! Why didn't they help my brother and his wife? All they left for me was a child! Their only child, their firstborn child, their surviving child! Do you think it's really amusing to see a reminder of my failure? My failure not as a soldier, but as a man? Let me tell you this, dearest Patron. One more sneering word and I will wrench your jaw apart. Nobody, and I mean nobody, should ever judge my nephew's worth!"
~ Garyth "Crazy Park" Parkins