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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Trolling break...

Somehow or another, I may really start on writing the Neverwinter Six series, never mind how many volumes and manuscripts will this take me. Before I start getting ambitious though, I realized 2 things.
1. I need to complete A Ranger's Tale first.

2. Blokes at Wizards of the Coast need to be convinced that S'pore got talent. And a local one at that.

By my own calculation, point 1 is pretty much 60% possible. Point 2, on the other hand, is 60% minus 60. If you dunno what I'm talking abt, it means you've failed your maths.

Due to fatigue overcoming me, I decided to write up a little piece on whatever experience I've gleaned from using Feytouched enchantment.

The devs are prepping for Rise of Tiamat by...
Releasing a teaser gameplay trailer? Nah. Giving every Neverwinner a Vanguard Pack plus some never before heard title? Have to see whether Neverwinter's Twitter audience can hit the 39K mark.

So how on earth are the devs prepping for RoT? Well firstly, I actually expected a brand new campaign. Turns out that the devs are out to do a campaign expansion. How on earth are they gonna do that, have to wait for 18th Nov.

If there's anything the devs might have been guilty of, it'd be upping the difficulty of lair bashing. Just last night, I tried a hand or two in bashing Gnarlroot Caves and the Witch Fen. Just now, I tried a hand in cult bashing. So far so good, I only got experience in doing in Ebon Downs and Icespire Peak where this part is concerned. So what have I discovered?

1. Heightened difficulty. This is evident if you're somewhere bashing cultists (i.e. for Tyranny of Dragons campaign)

2. Fire in the hole>reinforcement on the way>from 1 vs 1 to 1 vs 3-4. This is evident if you happen try getting an actual Korean/Japanese gf/bf who happened to be @New Sharandar (i.e. Fury of the Feywild campaign aka Sharandar campaign).

3. Point no.2 seems to be painfully significant if you happen to try bashing the Witch Fen. Expect plenty of polymorphing once you try giving that final bitch her final fight.

4. Weirdly enough, fighting Grimak Nailbiter doesn't trigger reinforcement. Actually, they're alrdy somewhere waiting for their boss' instructions. Meh...

Ofc since my intent was to give my precious little Feytouched a beta test-run, it could be likely that whatever spike in difficulty was due to having an epic enchantment. Or maybe I'm really thinking too much.

Some stuff I realized in the process...
1. Feytouched effect can be visible from 5 miles away so as to speak. Once your enemy turns purple, be very sure it's not down to random Halloween goers high on LSD (in another words, I do not have a problem w/ppl dressing up unless their fashion sense end up implying an actual acid trip).

2. If you failed to see any purple glow, it means Professor Picard has something to advise:

3. Make sure you have 2 means to activate the F-effect. One as your primary strategy and the other as your primary tactical move.

4. Strategy is all abt initiating the preemptive. In short, you're creating the F-effect via an effective setup method.

5. Tactical move, on the hand, is meant to be pulled off somewhere in the middle of heated battle.

6. Primary strategy means using it as a secondary tactical means, vice versa for tactical move. This IS extremely important due to the HR's stance toggle. If you can't even do this shit come lvl 60, then...

How I tend to F-troll (for now)
One of the finest level in the art of trolling lies in this:
For every stupid argument proffered, there has to be a hidden knife offered. 
For every stupid act committed, there has be a likelihood of suicide committed.

This, my friends, is what the Feytouched effect is made of. According to the Forgotten Realms lore, this is an ability used by fey pact warlocks. Simply put, Arylos shouldn't even be touching that thing! But whether Kareis will do it, however, is entirely up to the rest.

The only catch? Stormwardens do HAVE an affinity w/the Feywild (i.e. the source of power for every Feytouched). Simply put, there IS a potential RP value from how I perceive this. Anything other than this tho, I might need to do this.

Okay, I digressed. Simply put, the only way to kill a troll is to troll him/her back. Staying silent is one method (something which Drizzt Do'Urden is still famous for), taking action through that person's own words/action is another (something which Artemis Entreri is still famous for). By stealing 3% of the enemy's trolling prowess, you can easily earn a profit far higher than a measly 3%.

Funnily enough, I don't know how the devs calculate the damage siphoned+used. 3% of target's damage can be extremely ambiguous (and even more so in PvP). Hence, it's my opinion that damage in this context is a fixed value based on the target's overall power. After all, Feytouched will instantly trigger upon executing any Encounter attack (note that I say attack. Which means stuff like Fox's Cunning and Oak Skin don't count).

Primary Strategy/Secondary Tactic
Split the Sky
This is ludicrously effective in creating that bigass AoE proc. Depending on your playing style, either you position this w/yourself as the central point or somewhere in between yourself and the enemy. Either way, you'll need to mob-kite everybody into your force field of BSMD. Once lightning strikes once, you're pretty much game on. The only wonky bs is the question on how many suckers will get themselves hit otherwise (note that StS will only hit-trigger upon enemy attacking you).

In the event where you need to do some AoE jailbreak (and trust me when I say every Neverwinner will run the risk of getting surrounded unless said Neverwinner happens to play a Trickster Rogue. Vengeance's Pursuit+Blitz+Stealth modal ftw), you'll need Fox's Shift in order to trigger that much needed get-one-dodge-for-free bs. Trust me when I say it works. But only if you choose to up your Swift Hunter heroic feat till like 4-5 ranks. I was really that batshit crazy in investing this much feat pts in the Trapper tree, Arylos has never looked back since.

A/N: Just don't try this if your HR happens to be at any enclosed space. Not even Jackie Chan can save himself from those batshit crazy cultists of every color conceivable.

Primary Tactic/Secondary Tactic
Fox's Shift
Arguably one of the combat HR's finest AoE bs, this will actually hit one enemy PLUS the rest around him/her. If you happen to get yourself surrounded, it means you'll only be able to hit most, if not only some. Earning that need for speed, however, means you're able to jailbreak like the Roadruner itself. Suppose that damning 20 sec effect is over, it means Wile E. Coyote and his merry friends will be standing somewhere waiting to be shafted.

In the event where your StS is still in cooldown, FS should be your next bet in pulling off the F-effect. Due its hit-trigger effect deemed normal, it's actually easier to land that F-bomb neatly. Against tougher enemies however, I'd advise doing StS as strategy w/FS as tactic. After all, there's not much of a chance for you to one-shot those damned cultists if I say so myself...

Alternate means
Rain of Swords
Far more useful in 1 on 1. Strongly recommended in fighting bosses (i.e. enemies blessed w/actual names). Don't choose this, however, if your secondary At-Will isn't Aimed Strike. Frontal AoE can be really tricky, so I won't suggest this w/o an effective bleeding DoT. In the event where you decided to troll, execute FS first>then do RoS. Make sure you manage to apply at least 1 stack of AS bleed, best if you can do a max 2 stack. I can assure you that trolling polymorphers has nvr been so fun.

Binding Arrow
Better known as Oak Skin's BFF, doing this will severely hamper your max damage output possible. Try this during dungeon crawls and you'll nvr regret kenna lugi this way. After all, only archer HRs are capable of cleaning the Executioner and Paingiver billboard charts.

Mr Bill, anyone?
We all know Kill Bill, but do we know Kill Draco? Don't worry, I'm not some homicidal sociopath belonging to Gryffindor. We all know dragon slaying is a key part in being a Neverwinner. Since Drizzt Do'Urden wasn't able to kill Icingdeath via a fair fight, might as well allow 6-10 others doing it for him.

I actually tried this off against that blue dragon @Rothe Valley. My choice of At-Will powers stays the same. Class skills wise, I replaced Twin Blade Storm w/Aspect of the Pack (note that it's good for you to use either TBS or AotP w/Aspect of the Lone Wolf being your most important dalit).

Encounter powers wise, I chose Thorn Ward, Commanding Shot, and StS.
3% of dragon power pilfered+combat advantage for free+plenty of damage increment=Approval.
And did I mention Forest Warden/Forest Lord as well?
A/N: As per normal, the bigger the tree, the bigger storm it will attract. Make sure you don't become North Korea unless you're comfortable w/having cultists shouting dogmatic slogans behind your back. For every thing else, there should always be a master threat generator. iirc even if you manage to jailbreak successfully like Jaime Lannister or Bryden Tully, it means technically nothing since you'll be forced to call off your beloved F-dragon tactic.

I got a companion...

Above MV actually do have a bit of relevance here. You see, sellswords tend to boast of 3 main gifts:
1. Drinks
2. Money
3. Girls

Sellswords enjoy having more than a drink, sellswords like $$$ as well. As for girls... well, it actually depends. For Arylos' case, he may not have the drinks and/or money, but at least he got the girl. And by using the term girl, I mean the sellsword. Personally wise, I actually prefer her tavern brawler costume. Looks hotter this way. But I sorely digress again like a certain Old Wolf in Belgarath the Sorcerer.

Originally, I thought her effectiveness is nowhere near my apprentice healer and shield maiden. Turned out I was wrong big time. Originally, I was only messing abt. Somehow or another tho, my hot sellsword managed to impress Arylos way faster than you can say "101". Ironically, it was due to Arylos' previous outing w/her which skewed my opinion. Back then, Arylos was only like... what, lvl 40 or so??? Once kitted correctly, my sellsword can be one hell of a monstrous cat. Now if only I can earn like 300K AD so that she can be upgraded further.

And before I go zzzz, here's a fitting theme for the Neverwinter Six