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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Some character profiles for the Neverwinter Six

Got nothing better to do. That plus I realized some weird stuff might be happening behind my back. Ah well, guess it's b/c my head is now operating at 50% due to my lack of ability in adapting to the weather change in my homeland...

At the same time, I hope to do+finish a spanking new chapter for A Ranger's Tale by tomorrow. In case anybody w/a piss poor taste in literature really cares to know, below is the overall story on the next 2 chapters or so.
Scarily enough... seems that I might have an inkling of an idea in terms of... MacKay will set up his Wigan shop...
Maybe a few things thus far on my current trip around the great north of Faerûn:

1. For some funny reason, Myrreas of the Dalelands became the Indian chief twice in a row. Dungeons, no. Skirmish, yes. Who'd have imagine a rogue fighting for the glory of Helm?

2. Quite shocking on how fast I'm closing onto the end of 1st half @Mount Hotenow. Plenty of bs to go around tho if we're talking abt catching those sneaky bat kids. I caught around 20+ of them and yet, I still end up in bottom of the pecking table.

3. Too piss poor to afford 420K worth of AD. Why am I saying this? Because I need a coalescent ward to do a lesser Briartwine epic on my armor. T_T

4. It's better to gear 3 utility slots w/Dark enchantment on a lvl 5 each. Been fun using that Dragon's Hoard epic, but it seems that when it comes to fighting dungeons and skirmishes, you can go wrong w/a DDD vital stats so as to speak. And no, I'm not talking abt pr0n here.

5. Which means using DH and Fey as your utility enchantments is actually viable, but only if you're going Han Solo modal. Take note tho: You only have 3 utility slots to burn.

6. Back to Myrreas and being a knave. I truly doubt you can be an executioner w/a TR unless you're hell bent in playing the namesake paragon path. My choice is being a Saboteur. Arldy good enough that Myrreas was around 3rd or so in dishing out pain. Thanks for the dragon bone fish, devs. :P

7. Would it be better if you have tried completing around 60% or so of Sharandar and Dread Ring? To hit the Well of Dragons, you'll need a minimum GS of 10K. This is virtually the equivalent of elite Yanks busting Osama bin Laden years ago.

8. If you think trying to bust Osama's base is alrdy bad enough, wait till you try hitting Tiamat where it truly hurts the most. 1 initial screengrab prior to release actually shows a whopping 30K minimum GS requirement if I remember correctly. If this is truly the case for the first 25 member gangbang in Neverwinter's history, then be prepared for plenty of grinding. Or even worse, botting.

9. iirc I don't get the point abt botting. If you want to play the game, run the show like Cristiano "not that first" Ronaldo or control the show like Lionel "will I face him @England?" Messi. Even if you think your reflexes suck hard enough, there's no sin in trying to be your own José "O Especial" Mourinho or Pep "not you, Pep" Guardiola. In short, either you're cursed w/brawn, brains, or neither. Can't get even get a life via gaming, don't ever wish for a life in reality. That is unless your family is rich enough to keep you alive for more than 3 generations. Damn, Bill Gates really deserves our respect tbh.

10. I really hate the prospect of grinding. I mean it gets fun for a while. Aftewards...

11. Still a long way to unlock Shores of Tuern and Lair of Lostmauth. Normal requires min GS of 10K+ while epic ver requires min GS of 13K+

12. In a nutshell, this means I have more incentive to split my time. Ah well, at least I have 4 more lives. Namely work (as a porter in SGH), football analysis (despite my unattainable dream of becoming Karanka's field strategist), being blogger (and a piss poor one at that), and being writer (despite my unattainable dream of becoming Minister Kenyataan Akhbar with Prime Minister Tun G.R.R Martin as my boss).

13. WotC decided to troll the fanbase once again w/5th ed of D&D. Thankfully, no more of those outright crazy bs like that famously known "OMG! THEY KILLED MYSTRA!!!!!"

14. Okay, I admit the Spellplague is a good plot mechanic. That is if you're able to tide yourself over the fact that several big names actually got offed (e.g. Tyr and Helm). At least we got Torm kenna promoted. Now that's a good thing iirc.

15. Don't feel like wasting time on doing 4 foundry quests? I strongly recommend the quest "Tired of being the Hero" due to this being repeatable 5 times per day. If that pretender from Waterdeep offers you a whopping 8K worth of AD, you should know where to look.
Just a word of disclaimer tho: I do not profess to speak for the opposition party. Despite whatever claims laid by the Sons of Alagondar, both Arylos and Myrreas still remain as apolitical bastards in their own rights.

Character bios for Neverwinter Six


Basic Information
Home-Hullack Forest

Former Home(s)-Wheloon; Hermit's Woods


Race-Wood elf

Patron deity-Kelemvor

Known language-Common; Elven; Goblin; Drow; Drow Sign; Undercommon

Born-1364 DR (discovered as an abandoned infant)

Rules Information
Alignment-Good (formerly Unaligned)

4th Edition Statistics
Class: Ranger             10
           Rogue              1
           Stormwarden   1

I do not profess to own any of the D&D rulebooks, so please don't bugger me with stupid questions. Get the drift?

Hood of the Forest Warden
Automatically confers wearer the feats Uncanny Dodge, Camouflage, and Hide in Plain Sight even if without prerequisites.

Displacer Beast Hide Armor of Fortification+2
25% chance of negating critical/sneak attack damage. Damage negated this way will be re-rolled as normal damage.

Lesser Bracers of Archery+2
+3 competence on attack rolls whenever using any bow weapons (excluding crossbows)

Cloak of Etherealness
On command, user will become ethereal. Effect lasts for a total of 10 minutes daily, but duration need not be continuous.

Boots of Striding and Speeding+1
Increase user's base land speed by 10 ft.
+6 competence bonus for Jump checks.

Of elven make, this white +2 composite longbow (+2 Str bonus) whispers "Swift defeat to my enemies" in Elven when nocked and pulled. Once per day, if the firer swears aloud to slay her target (a free action), the bow’s whisper becomes the low shout "Swift death to those who have wronged me."
Against such a sworn enemy, the bow has a +5 enhancement bonus, and arrows launched from it deal an additional 2d6 points of damage (and ×4 on a critical hit instead of the normal ×3).
However, the bow is treated as only a masterwork weapon against all foes other than the sworn enemy, and the wielder takes a -1 penalty on attack rolls with any weapon other than the oathbow.
These bonuses and penalties last for seven days or until the sworn enemy is slain or destroyed by the wielder of the oathbow, whichever comes first.

Short Sword of Expert Parrying+3 (off hand)
Automatically confers wielder the feat Off Hand Parry even if without prerequisites.

Short Sword of Fatality+2 (main hand)
Treat this as a Bane weapon against undead enemies.
Also counts as a weapon of Disruption.

Notable Skills/Feats/Exploits

Knife of the Feywild
Flinging a dagger hidden in his boot, Arylos is able to infuse the weapon with pulsating arcane power.

Upon hit, enemy must make a difficulty check 20 for Fortitude save or die. To avoid death effect, target must achieve a score of 15 or above. If enemy manages to avoid death, it will suffer dazed condition for 1 round.
Knife of the Feywild counts as an active exploit.

Strategy and Tactics
His years in Wheloon might have created the survival expert he is now, but only a fool will scoff at Arylos by calling him a mere knave. Indeed as the Eldreth Veluuthra first discovered, battles were won not just through bravery and valor, but also planning and boasting a sharp wit.

Before any battle commences, all party members apart from Arylos gain one free action each. For every round of combat after the first, roll an opposed check using Arylos' Wis score against the highest Int score available. Arylos will gain the feat Combat Reflexes for free until the next round if he manages to pass the check.

Aspect of the Lone Wolf
Like Fenmarel Mestarin, Arylos has always been one who is more at home all by himself. Despite whatever vehement denial stated, the Eldreth Veluuthra knew that nobody else comes even remotely close in comparison.

Akin to the Lone Wolf of the Seldarine, Arylos has managed to hone his craft in survival unto the finest end. Whenever Arylos suffers a touch attack, you can choose to make a difficulty check for Fortitude save instead of resolving damage in the normal way.
Score 10 or below: Arylos takes damage per usual.
Score 11 to DC 18: Arylos takes half damage.
Score 19 or above: Arylos takes no damage instead.

A/N:Aspect of the Lone Wolf cannot be used against death attacks.
Add A/N: Yes, I know this counts as deflection bonus of sorts...

Escapee from Wheloon

His early years spent in the dark prison city of Wheloon, Arylos now still retains a semblance of the past. Combined with every detail of training received under Irion the Hunter, the young Forest Warden is indeed now the lord of his chosen art.

Arylos is treated as having both Survival and Escape Artist.

Plus some others as well...
Improved Two-Weapon Fighting; Track; Wild Empathy; Endurance; Animal companion (a Damaran Shepherd named Geist); Woodland stride; 1st favored enemy-Human; 2nd favored enemy-Goblinoid; 3rd favored enemy-Undead
[total ranger level: 10]

Sneak attack +1d6; trapfinding; Evasion
[total rogue level: 1]

Blade Storm; Stormstep Action
[total stormwarden level: 1]

A/N: Evasion per gained at level 9 for rangers is inapplicale for Arylos because he already have 1 level of rogue.

P.S: Shit... gonna try upping some conceptual quotes, end up burning too much of my time. Some more got 2 x bonus seals weekend event. Ah well, maybe I should try stirring some more shit before signing off...

Believing I will really pull the proverbial trigger is just like believing Aeranath will bed Alestrial Eliaden. Period. To put things in perspective, I give you this.

Aiorn Wyvernspur


That hantu @Hermit's Wood

Irion the Hunter

Potential hantu from the East

Respen Durothil

Jen (of the Moonstone Mask)

Whoever is the one sending Arylos all the way up till the Sword Coast...
Same as Jen...

New add: Forgot to add this old bloke in terms of Doomguide weirdness. Guess who?

And do I really need to mention the likes of Myrreas, Bhaasmond, Sheallyn, Cyrea, and Kareis. Will try to be creative for their last names asap. But not tonight.

P.S: Creating politics in Neverwinter plot-wise has never been so fun before. Not even those buffoons riding from Nesmé come close to whatever trollolol caused by Dagult Neverember and that mercenary cougar Sabine. C'mon, let's vote Renaer Neverember for president!*
*If shit indeed happens from the magical blokes from WotC, please be assured that I hold no accountability b/c I don't even have one anyway...