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Friday, 14 November 2014

Ramblings of a mad man...

Apparently, I need a life beyond Faerûn. In short, there has to be other things I can do. Ah well, at least it takes me much faster than otherwise expected to re-adapt to Marvel Heroes after N months of going MIA.

Since I'm hell bent in writing nonsensical stuff just for this once, might as well remind a certain Private Ryan something he wrote around 5 yrs ago when I leveled up to the next age level in my church fellowship.

"To Minghui:
You have the body of an adult, but a mind of a child.
You must grow up!"

Not so surprisingly, Mr Eric Soh actually commented Private Ryan to be this kind of person. That was only after I mentioned this to him tho...

Now if only I can really prove Private Ryan wrong by either:
1. Having a gf who is both intelligent and pretty.
2. Having a career as Aitor Karanka's field strategist come next season.

Before I start retarded-izing all readers to come, allow me to up the ante via the clip below.

Certain stuff I realized...
1. Not so recently looked through the Singapore Slammers roster.
That was when I first heard of whatever harebrained plan to create a tennis-aware S'pore.
Curious to know who will be in the roster.
Some names, I know. Some others, I lagi blur.
Weirdly enough, I still can recall the name Daniela Hantuchová.
Must be due to TNP running her pics many yrs ago.
Def must be back when Gan Eng Seng School was full of horny tweenage guys.
Me included.
If remember correctly, must be this pic below.

2. Did Aberrant Assault.
Final boss full of crazy bs.
If you play him, can win.
To win, must die 1-2 times.
Which is why every Neverwinner needs divine injury kit,
Which is why all Neverwinners must challenge the gods.

3. Did Dread Legion.
Terrain full of crazy bs.
Final boss actually not so bs.
If you play him, can win.
To win, no need to die.
Which is why Split the Sky will always be Arylos' BFF.

4. Did another round of Master of the Hunt.
Terrain no bs.
Mob no bs.
Boss no bs.
Must be b/c I play that stage too much liao...
Also managed to create the correct skill set.
In the end I become top 3 on average rankings.

5. Had a test run on the Dread Ring campaign lair.
No play tank, no pakei.
No play procc, no pakei.
No Commanding Shot, no pakei.
Actually can decide between tank and CS.
Why I so stupid?
Think using CS+StS more effective.

6. S'pore won Laos.
Then realized only friendly.
Good attack not good enough.
Combative spine confirm good enough.
But still must have someone to boss control.

7. #SGTrollingGod strikes again.
Started some funny campaign entitled #OpsAirKangKang
If don't know what is kangkang, don't ask.
If know what is kangkang, then don't tell.

8. I inspired by #OpsAirKangKang
Die Schwarzgelben now kenna domestic problem.
CL confirm boleh tho.
Must be b/c CL too senang.
Must b/c German football even more power than S.Korean activists.
To help Kloppo, I suggest #OperationDuaKang.
DuaKang means big hole.
Got space to operate, then full of win.
Cannot operate enough space, then full of no win.
Ball not in opponent's half.
Ball in your own half, Kloppo.

9. Me no gf.
Me think got target.
Me dunno when/where.

10. Me realized speedrun too overrated.
Others may outrun me.
But they still me to make the 1st move.
I not talking abt jio chio-bu.
I talking abt running 5-a-side PvE.
I referring to Neverwinter btw.

11. Why always Balotelli?
Why always him?
Why Conte so kum gong?
Maybe he not kum gong.
I think Rodgers need to watch more Azzurri.
Tell entire midfield to bua Balotelli.
Don't discriminate kaki-lang.
Do support kaki-lang.

12. Dunno when my sis will take trip to Milan.
Dunno when/whether she'll meet Balotelli.
Dunno if Balotelli will call her by her full name.
Then tell her that he actually knows her bro.
That her bro is actually his big benefactor.

13. No Stevie, no Anfield.
If really like that...
...then sign Lallana kam-lan?

14. Dunno if future gf support Liverpool or not.
Or maybe her relative(s) instead.
Dunno leh...

15. What if I really one day have to sit at Karanka's left?
Like that future gf will hoot me or not?
I swear I not responsible for that 30 try penalty shootout.