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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Interloper Trilogy: Volume I (a list of chapters)

Tried my hand in doing a brand new lair, this time round helping the Emerald Enclave. Apparently, you'll need to use elixir whenever trying to do your own Han Solo. This is due to having whatever potion buffs certified gone if you happen to die. iirc Arylos became Kenny twice, both times at the hands of those black dragon mutants. Scarily enough, either they jumped on me post-mutation or I'm just plain stupid enough to take their piss head on.

Just a few tips whenever going lair mode...
1. Since we're talking abt lvl 60 lair crawl, make sure you buff yourself w/whatever major potions relevant. Trust me when I say sometimes/most of the time, you'll need at least 2 diff buffs.

2. If the game suddenly lags for whatever reason (mine kenna due to PC running backup in the middle), congrats. Via personal experience, I can virtually guarantee a wipe out at your own expense once your Shift tab animation frames got stuck halfway. As Oddrun's most famous quote goes: Yay! We're screwed! -.-'

3. You can actually leave your daily lair for another day if you don't feel like starting it today. This is extremely important b/c the devs might have nerfed major potion drops probability wise.

4. Believe it or not, it takes only a little bit of brain cells committing suicide bombing to make the most out of every death. For me, it took me 2 tries to calibrate correctly my skill set. In this case of killing drow and cultists, never go full retard by eschewing Split the Sky. Just don't ask me why it took me 2 tries to figure this out.

5. Aimed Shot very good in kiting. Bait those cultist bastards into jail ftw.

6. Against pre-boss run, better not use Commanding Shot first. Against boss, boleh.

7. Believe it or not, Rain of Swords is very damn useful in boss fights. I actually tried this against that drow mojo boss. Turned out my final fight no need to do retry.

8. The most difficult part in helping those ancestors of Greenpeace lies in triggering those damned bottled lightning. Unless you happen to be a Trickster Rogue capable of going MIA, chances are that you'll need to kill 2 golems in a single shot.
In fact, that's how I died via attracting black aggro...
9. In the event on pt 8 where you're left w/no choice, do StS+plenty of Fox's Shift. As attractive it might sound, don't do a Commanding Shot. Too many start up frames. Just do StS procc, shut up & take their $$$. That's why you'll need a maxed out Marauder's Rush if possible.

10. In fact, it's best for a party to do this if possible.

11. Now come to think of it, is it possible to attack the reinforcements first since those black bastards will die very fast w/o mutation?

12. Now come to think of it, def it's better to create StS procc setup>CS to kite>mod whatever fireworks in open terrain. If you're hell bent in fighting the lot near the lightning bottles, better for you to be a Guardian Fighter/Great Weapon Fighter. After all, it seems that the devs are now back in terms of buffing GWF.

So far so good, I've done 3 lairs including helping those blokes and girls from Emeraldpeace. One @Ebon Downs, the second one @Icespire Peak. Helping the Emerald Enclave is def much harder due to that stupid dark alliance between one cult and one entire ethnicity. Oh, and more thing. To enter the lair of dark alliance, one must kill that stupid spider woman first. Once you completed that shithole of a bigass cavern, you still have to face that same drider woman.

To Ms Komala aka my ex-superior @the-now-defunct 32 SIB: If the term spider woman sounds familiar to you, it means you're equally boliao as this ex-subordinate here. I mean Peter Parker got bitten by spider=Spiderman. You kenna bitten by spider=Spider Woman.

Please, hold your applause until the conclusion of the act!
A brief note on Marvel Heroes 2015 since I dunno when my engine will re-calibrate:
Apparently, using Excalibur's Sabre should be the best choice for every sword-build Nightcrawler. Using a Red Muramasa can be a real killer due to bleed stack+probability to nullify heal. Yet to try this on higher lvl tho since I've yet to try harder stuff like Cosmics and red lvl raids.
Now if only I can get Nate Grey's super duper armor.
Sadly, I dunno how power spec system works. :(

Book I: To Be A Forest Warden

Prologue-A Game Between Gods

I-Kelemvor Grants You Mercy
II-Kelemvor Grants You Death
III-To Escape From Wheloon
IV-Meeting A Hero
V-Understanding The World
VI-Living The Past
Interlude I

VII-Eldreth Veluuthara
VIII-Keenest Blades And Surest Bow
IX-Strategy And Tactics, Valor And Scoundrels
X-To Survive Is To Win
XI-A Lone Wolf
XII-An Infidel's Faith
Interlude II

XIII-A Ghost From The East
XIV-Different Individuals, Common Entity
XV-Lose Or Die
XVI-Verdict Utmost Damning
Interlude III

XVII-Return To The Past
XVIII-Hatred Painted In Purple
XIX-A Home Stained With Red
XX-A Wolf In Dragon's Hide
Interlude IV

XXI-A Damsel Pampered
XXII-The Hunt Begins
XXIII-Hunter Against The Hunted
XIV-To The Sword Coast

A/N: Since my planning sucks so much, basically it means Interloper will be done as a standalone trilogy. Which means this what-if project otherwise named The Neverwinter Six is waaay more ambitious than my real deal of a work.

Add A/N: Because I want to be seen as an alternate ver of Vincent van Gogh, allow me to say that the Interlude portions are intended as whatever shenanigans between those two gods upstairs.


[The game was set, both players staring against each other. One was both a thief and assassin, the other both dead and now the ruler of death. Both boasted of a common past, she who has returned belonging to neither. Gone was Midnight and Ariel Manx, no longer Cyric enjoyed whatever sanity previously had at Zhentil Keep.

"Kelemvor Lyonsbane..."

A name which damned his entire life, an existence mocking the Prince of Lies. The Black Sun desired nothing from the Lady of Mysteries bar outright dominion, yet it was the Great Guide himself who earned her love.

Granted nothing was already left countless years ago, but never a single bit did such a fact deter whatever immense hatred burning within the Mad God himself. The time for petty games now at end, upon the chessboard lain the fate of Faerûn. Only two chessmen were seen at both ends, one for the Mad God and the other belonging to the Judge of the Damned himself.

"Allow me to introduce my champion, dearest friend and enemy," purred Cyric, his fingers caressing an ivory figurine in the image of a human. As for Kelemvor, he stayed silent.

"Issil Dragonbane, he who has truly slain a dragon. Unlike some pathetic pretender of a giant cat."

Again, the Lord of the Dead ignored the scarcely hidden insult leveled by the Lord of Three Crowns. Cyric frowned in blatant anger, a moment seemingly brief going on forever. Then he who used to carry the name Lyonsbane spoke out.

"Behold my champion then, Cyric. One who is part of Or-tel-quessir, but never to be one at all."

"An interloper no different from a living dead then. My, how have we both fallen. A pity our dearest Lost Goddess is no longer around."

Ignoring Cyric's cruel taunt, Kelemvor knew better than to argue home the truth. That Mystra has already returned.

"Issil Dragonsbane may have slain a dragon by merit, but have you truly tasted the raw power hailed from the Weave?"

Momentary confusion at first assailed Cyric, then something abruptly dawned onto him. Cursing both Mystra and Kelemvor, Cyric should have tried killing Ariel Manx before she called Dweomerheart home. Indeed as both a thief and murderer while still being mortal, chances were aplenty. Just that nothing had been done.

Turning his back, Kelemvor knew beforehand that Cyric wouldn't attempt stabbing him from behind. Both understood the potential manner of consequences, the Lord of the Crystal Spire uttered forth an advice most damning.

"Your Issil may answer only to your whims, but the power of Feywild answers to nobody."]

~Prologue-A Game Between Gods