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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Just a break...

Need to swear off Neverwinter for a while. And by that, I also mean Marvel Heroes 2015. Just a few thoughts thus far before my temp hiatus...

N1. Whenever Neverwinter updated its official FB page, chances are that cynics would come out in droves.

N2. Main issues the cynical ones enjoy aiming at Cryptic lies in two areas:
a. some server message in the color of Deadpool's costume
b. Deadpool's Ultimate Server Lag

N3. I also have this kind of problem for quite some time. Due to the fact that my life is also about being the next Gary "not Lim" Neville/Jamie "not the son of Harry" Carragher and the next G.R.R "will he or won't he?" Martin, this also means I'm not that affected. [1]

N4. Many ex/ current players have lodge complaints on the official forums/FB page that they ended up dying today instead of another day due to Deadpool's Ultimate Server Lag. The fact that I'm still relatively unscathed means either:
a. Tymora decided to make me her consort
b. Kelemvor decided to make me his Chosen One [2]

N5. Due to the devs' decision to stem (?) whatever potential addiction plausible, Celestial Coins are now earned once per every 24 hrs or so. Basically, this means that gamers who wished to get that C-thing from a Coffer of Wonderous Augmentation need to log in everyday to do that Korean ritual even if not playing. Costs 7 Celestial Coins plus only a small chance of getting it=May the Force (of Waukeen) be with you.

N6. To ensure you don't create some unwanted cock up, make sure you do the Invocation quest in Sword Coast Adventures first.

N7. Leadership is a MUST when it comes to choice of professions. Trust me when I say Astral Diamonds are your BFF since Neverwinter is no World of Warcraft.

N8. As for secondary professions, just choose one. Unless you happen to start on crafting those black ice stuff. Seems that Jarlaxle wasn't sly enough of a S.O.B...

N9. A lot has been said about rising AD price when it comes to higher end stuff. Which is why that Pretender Open Lord Dagult Neverember decided to do welfare handouts once your toon hit lvl 60.

N10. I too stupid, should have maxed out Clear the Ground. Doing a complete loop means scoring 1.2K+ of base damage. At the same time, this being a burst attack=pwned.

N11. Let's see if using CtG+Aimed Strike will work in solo PvE. Need to pecah lobang the sky first tho...

N12. Once you get a preservation ward, save it for any enchantment level up beyond the score of 5. Nvr destroyed=good for you. Destroyed=don't try again unless you got another spare.

Enough of Neverwinter for now, let me just say a few things on Marvel Heroes 2015 for the Industrial bs instigated by that dastardly Taskmaster.

M1. Bashing Taskmaster's retarded exams requires effective deployment. If PvP in Neverwinter is all about a game of wolves, then Industrial City Patrol is all about lone wolves being heroes in their own rights.

M2. Problem w/Industrial is the same w/Midtown Manhattan, i.e. you don't even get a shawarma in exchange for Wade Wilson's ultimate signature. [3]

M3. Wasn't too gung-ho when my Nightcrawler got his first Nate Grey's Psionic Armor. Due to my harebrained tendency to experiment tho, I found out that having your dodge reduced by 2% doesn't mean a shit since Cable himself is capable of sending Thanos running away scared w/this.

M4. Additional Tenacity=Nate Grey's Amazing Psionic Armor. Additonal Defense=Nate Grey's Uncanny Psionic Armor. Chance of energy blast per hit=Nate Grey's Incredible Psionic Armor. All these+boss damage bonus at 5%=Nate Grey's Total Badass Armor. [4]

M5. Replaced Excalibur's Saber w/Red Muramasa Blade. M4+big in Japan=Kurt Wagner has finally evolved once again. And this is not to mention 1 Legendary Blessing of Odin+Uru forged Warplate enhanced by Allfather's Fury. [5]

M6. Have event, sure everyone will go whack Taskmaster @Industrial City. [6]

M7. Juggernaut is one hell of baddest mutha***r. Srsly, who was the wise guy who suggested that standard 400 Eternal Splinters price for Cain Marko?

M8. Against Mister Hyde, you'll need 1 staple movement power plus any form of surefire invulnerable trigger. My NC nearly went to heaven twice b/c of how that bastard fights.

M9. That plus now me want Cosmic Kirigi Medallion.

M10. Now Gaz confirmed nerfed cosmic medallion drop rate like N months ago...

M11. Realized Black Panther, once calibrated correctly, can be an absolute animal in staging raids. Cryo+Snare+Dora+whatever magic doable by Magik=gg guano loco.

[1]: Doesn't prevent me from feeling frustrated last night due to me reaching nigh completion for my Well of Dragons foundry quest. Hopefully those 2 glaring issues will be fixed asap. Thanksgiving possible?
[2]: This is not to say Ser A. Fergie=Kelemvor. More likely he's Tempus with Louis "van Goal" van Gaal=Torm and Arsène "bobbies suspect arson" Wenger=Oghma.
[3]: Likelier you'll be having a hot date w/Natasha Romanova tho.
[4]: Damn, someone should just egg Domino to bed Nathan Summers.
[5]: "Kurt, you are one charming devil."
~Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch
[6]: Really feels like that moment when that school bully and all his cyber-buddies got gangbanged by some ragtag bunch of gays (need to have Shatterstar), blacks (we alrdy seen the grandest royal wedding via Wakanda), Jews (Magneto is one. And I don't mean Sir Ian "Gandalf isn't gay, Dumbledore is!" McKellen), Asians (shameless self plug=my user handle in Neverwinter is dravyll and my Marvel Heroes user handle is singawine), and sluts (c'mon, all you male bullies. Unless you're gay, pls dun tell me you all nvr watch pr0n. As for every female bully, I feel gutted that your bf might be watching pr0n by time you're reading this).