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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Yesterday was public holiday...

...therefore, I'm not gonna wish anyone Selamat Hari Raya Haji. This is not b/c I'm a dick, but rather ppl might have the wrong idea that I'm gonna up some image of a pig in the name of trollololz. Ofc since I'm a S'porean, it's only right for me to understand what needs to be understood. Let alone embrace whatever that is right. To all whom it may concern, be assured that you won't have an excuse to issue a fatwa on me. To all in S'pore whom this may concern, I have faith in you all that Islam is indeed a religion of peace. Just don't ask me how many Christians are Islamophobic b/c I'm not some stark raving mad moral crusader out to kill Saladin.

Re-spec is fun to do...
...but not so fun to rehab. Apparently, I don't really have much luck in daily quests.
Firstly, I've accepted the fact that I hate Domination unless the devs promise me a fixed format for team members allocation (i.e. 2 magic users a must, other details be damned).
Secondly, I've accepted the fact that I was too stupid to go story questing first. By time I realized it, I've missed out that dungeon crawl @Helm's Hold.
Thirdly, Foundry quests are fun to do since you can just lay back and deal the smackdown. Sadly, you'll be hard pressed for time once the demand got upgraded to lvl 50 (i.e. you need to do 4 foundry quests like me).
Fourthly, queuing for Skirmish and Dungeon can be a bitch at times. Depending on the number of players gangbanging the AI, waiting time can range from as fast as 5 mins or so to a whooping 15 mins at least (in particular, it seems that the majority actually enjoy Dungeon gangbanging above Skirmish gangbanging).
Fifth wise, it seems that the higher lvl you are, the longer your queuing time for the relevant Dungeon/Skirmish (e.g. I wanted to clear Gate Crashers at max lvl 50 thrice. Still waiting to clear this as Daily Skirmish).
Lastly (but not the least), I took part in too little Skirmishes while missing out on at least 1 Dungeon. My only excuse for this lame emo moment?
Level up=too fast, too furious=I blame that 2 x XP weekend+Siege of Neverwinter. This was especially so for SoN due to that 1 week duration.

A/N: In case you've yet to discover, burning 38K worth of Astral Diamonds can be a bitch esp if you're out to lvl up whatever enchantment relevant. Rank 5 and beyond, no less. Some more I yet to upgrade any of my companion. T_T

Challenge of the Gods
Not to be confused by the humane tendency to be one, I rather enjoyed this event even though I failed horribly at certain challenges (most notably Chauntea, Corellon, Kelemvor, and Moradin). One thing I realized is that you'll really need to customize your Encounter power tray.

1. iirc there's nothing difficult in trying to please that beautiful Sune Firehair (in fact, you don't even deserve to do CotG if Lady Firehair is not impressed).

2. But I discovered too late that in order to complete challenges offered by Chauntea, Corellon, and Kelemvor, one does not simply fight through enemies 7 lvls below you. In fact, the only real chance of completing whichever gauntlet thrown is to run a gauntlet brimming w/monsters around 7 lvls higher (if not, at least 4 lvls higher or so).

3. As for Moradin, I nvr got that good fortune to find one. Must be b/c Arylos is an Elf.

4. Amaunator can be a bitch at times. It really depends on which Encounter powers you use. For convenience's sake, I'd suggest having only 1 buff/support Encounter skill w/the other 2 being outright damaging.

5. Tymora is best suited for daring bastards out to gimp 10 enemies w/o getting themselves gimped. In short, choose the stage, not the enemy.

6. Believe it or not, Oghma can either be your god/goddess' BFF or that outright S.O.B (altho choice of pantheon will affect the game as much as whether your female Sun Elf character is wearing bikini @Pirates' Skyhold). Magic users enjoy his dare, 99% of fighters will not. Ironically, Arylos became friends with the Lord of Knowledge due to my absurdly effective Disruptive Shot at 25% Action cost.

7. Really enjoyed taking up the dare of Selûne. Killing 5 tough enemies can either be tougher or easier than otherwise presumed. Quite a bit like taking up Tymora's tease in terms of choosing the stage. Arylos was gimping reptiles for free @Pirates' Skyhold due to around 6 lvl worth of PC supremacy.

8. If you're itching to test Tempus and/or Torm, either you're a Guardian Fighter (which to be fair, might have been nerfed) or a Great Weapon Fighter (nerf-reverse. Maybe?). In the event which you happen to be neither...

9. If I look like some weirdo since primary school, be assured that Arylos also has two more friends in the form of T&T.

10. If you're any manner of an actual fighter (even more so if you're melee like me), then Silvanus shall be both your fang and claw. Just make sure not to activate Marauder's Escape if you happen to be artillery spec.

11. Speaking of Tempus and Torm tho, that reminds of my childhood @my ah-ma's house. Back then for the 2 RTM, the FCC really let them be.

And since I need to zzzz soon...
Recently, I realized SGH has a new addition. While I don't know whether there are professional cosplayers here (no innuendo present here), at least that particular lass might make my workplace somewhat attractive to the Japanese. Enough prattle here. Since I'm gonna end this Neverwinter post on Faerun pantheon, might as well stir up some minor shit...

Cosplay of the Gods