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Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Neverwinter Six: The Solar Trilogy (to be cont'd ofc!)

Starting on ART latest chap, finally got the motivation to do something useful to my future apart from analysing football. Sadly, it seems that either I'm destined to Teesside or somewhere under the tutelage of G.R.R Troll. But firstly...

Something which others have alrdy knew...
Tried my hand in killing the mastermind behind the Whispering Caverns, turned out to be total failure. 3 ppl disconnected (note that by getting yourself disconnected, it doesn't mean  a thing unless you've made it clear beforehand that Ned Stark has just summoned you for public execution). The most retarded thing ofc is not abt whether the Night's Watch are starting to desert, but rather the fact that we got 2 more new ppl coming in and that they can't get themselves into the fray. I swear this must be some kind of trolling b/c when you joined in any party instance AFTER shit has begun, you should be popping up at the latest campfire. I know b/c I've been through it correctly twice.

With the ranting gone, let's just take a look and ask ourselves how in the blue hell can we kill that stupid underground kraken.

1. To end the mastermind is to kill off the troll asap. Note that I am using singular here.

2. The longer you delay, the faster you die. It's like Le Professeur playing football against Big Sam back when Arsenal ended up getting totally arsed by Dougie "hopefully still Super Doug" Freedman's ex.

3. See the brain, kill the brain. The moment you see tentacles coming up, be very sure that the devs must've been influenced by that weird Japanese stuff called Saya no Uta.

4. Take down the tentacle asap, this requires team effort. In short, there's no sin in ganking a cheesy AI.

5. And speaking abt cheesy, all you need to switch off the brain is this:
a. Apply plenty of damage increment buff+debuff.
b. Once the tentacle goes down, it means you're legit to either apply brain death or go brain dead.
c. Thankfully, the devs decided that trolling isn't cool after the anti-trolling bill introduced by Downing Street. In short, you can expect plenty of mob chase when dealing w/the tentacle and nigh kosong mob spawn afterwards.
d. If you happen to play HR, pls for the love of the devs, do NOT stray from the mastermind! This is extremely important b/c firstly, it doesn't make any sense for you to shoot pot from afar when in fact point blank firing is merely considered a rare scenario. Secondly, staying afar means straying afar. Can't blame you for initiating mob chase for this instance.

6. I actually learnt that the hard way. That plus pulling off Split the Sky is extremely vital if you happen to be a Stormwarden. Combat, Archery, or Trapper, the Rock has this to say. You won't become Ciro Immobile overnight, but at least you can add in damage plus toasting an immobile mob all for free.

7. Which now comes to switching stance+Clint "not Joey" Barton's semi-namesake. If you can't even do this at lvl 60...

Epic Enchantments I'm now out to get...
(current no of shards: 1)
Need this apply Recovery debuff. In particular, solo killing a cultist mob can be extremely excruciating due to absurd AP rate. Especially useful in dragon kill.
(current no of shards: 1)
Even more kisiao due to that 3% rule. I encourage trying this against Lostmauth and Severin 4 teh evulz.
(current no of shards: 2)
Gonna use this for my TR.

(current no of shards: 3)
Gonna use this for my TR. Then I realised I accidentally bound it on my HR. I so damn retarded sia...
(current no of shards: 2)
Once I get 4 of this, I'm gonna pull off a fail-proof merge due to me being lucky enough to earn my 1st Coalescent Ward at my 1st try in getting Coffer of Wondrous Augmentation. That plus I firmly believe getting 3 more Feytouched from Arylos' betters @Sharandar will require some bloody anal 4D luck.

Which now comes to...
The Neverwinter Six: The Solar Trilogy


Volume I: Interloper

"Remember who you are, do not call yourself for what you are. Time will change every one of us. Humans, elves, and dwarves... we all are victims to our years. If only the gods can never change, then you alone must decide whether Kelemvor has watched over you."

Those were the last words young Arylos heard from that only man he called father. No one knew the elderly warrior's name, not even the young wood elf himself. Yet, he could never forget that fateful day where his only kin was brutally taken away by death. Death by arrows and the sword, death at the hands of those who worship Shar herself...

"Have you heard of it? We are accused of plotting outright rebellion! You have nothing to do with this, so leave! Far better it is for one to suffer than both!"

1479 DR, the year where Wheloon has officially became a prison city. Here, only the mighty ruled with an iron fist. None has ever traveled there, no one has ever escaped from its walls. If the past could be seen as kind to Arylos, then the present was anything but that. Distrusted at best and mostly hated, the wood elf has carved out a minor repute as a ruthless survival artist. Memories of Sharran cultists haunted his every step, any move made would surely invoke the ire of those around him.

Yet, little did Arylos know that what appeared to be an everyday occurrence would herald a new life for him. Life as a proper Or-tel-quessir, life as one who could never belong to his own people. A ranger blessed with a tactical mind unrivaled, an interloper cursed with the name of Kelemvor murmured in his heart. From Cormyr to Waterdeep, from the Crown of the North to what used to be the Jewel of the North...

"This must be where my life starts now. The beginning of my years and the end of my time."

The first volume of this trilogy will take the readers on a journey like never before. It will be a journey of adventure and loss, a journey of questions asked. Here begins a story about life and heroes, a tale of those soon to be known as The Neverwinter Six.