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Friday, 3 October 2014

Nothing better to do, time to stir shit

Realised that I'm playing too much Neverwinter. Realised that I cannot play Domination due to lottery factor. Realised I need someone 100% alive to kick me up the arse so that I can somehow re-kick A Ranger's Tale and Rogue Economist back to life (in particular, Kork M.Hancock needs critical care and resuscitation). But firstly, let us enjoy some girls, drinks, money.

Seriously guys, the original McCoy was INDEED entitled Girls, Drinks, Money. True to its nature, MOGEF wasn't amused.

On girls

Lars Alterfate: There are only two types of girls worthy of my fancy. Whores and the domineering type.

Caylon the Swift: That's interesting. Pretty sure I belong to the second type.

Lars Alterfate: Gutted to say you're too much of a lady, too little of a decent lass.

On dreams

Garyth Parkins: Enjoy those minstrels' tales while they last, Guy.

Guy Cody: Why?

Garyth Parkins: Because wherever heroes are, monsters will be there.

Guy Cody: That's the whole point about being a hero, right?

Garyth Parkins: You know nothing, laddie buck. But very soon, you'll know everything.

On money

Tristan Ajax: Women and ale, these are the two things a man can't do without.

Aeranath: You forgot to mention money.

On marrying beneath self

Louthes Eliaden: That boy resembles too much of yourself, Moggray.

Moggray Tonn: I don't like where you're gonna take this, Louthes.

Louthes Eliaden: I do not desire giving my daughter's hand to him. If Alestrial must marry, and she will, it must be someone like Jarvis Dukas.

Moggray Tonn: I don't want to see Guy Cody ruined like my past.

Louthes Eliaden: So it's settled then.

Moggray Tonn: If only that girl of yours stays happy within the next two years. Don't forget how you ruined Emma just because I chose to back out.

Louthes Eliaden: Stay your tongue, Northern Lion. Know your status and rank.

Moggray Tonn: Fuck your status, fuck your rank, fuck you.

On power and lack of rape

Eliador de Lioncourt: Power is not a flickering flame, but that most fickle lover.

Alestrial Eliaden: And I truly hope it will leave you soon enough.

Eliador de Lioncourt: Still a brave girl cursed with little sense, I see.

Alestrial Eliaden: And what will you do about it? Buying other men to rape me again?

Eliador de Lioncourt: This, I will not. You are too powerful an individual to be raped again.

Alestrial Eliaden: You monster.

On Elves and sex

Karen Tenias: Is this what you Elves do?

Conwer de Ladrun: If you mean getting yourself penetrated in three areas instead of just one... well, yeah.

On more Elves and one more Elf

Karen Tenias: You also joined your underlings in their debauchery, am I right?

Kerstein de Bladefort: Woman, watch your tongue. I would have forced you on the bed if you're not so valuable a pawn.

On death and more sex

Tristan Ajax: Just curious to know when was your last kill?

Kerstein de Bladefort: Two days ago when I was having sex with a whore.

Tristan Ajax: You killed the whore?

Kerstein de Bladefort: The assassin happened to be her.

Tristan Ajax: I stand corrected then.

On beauties and the beasts

Karen Tenias: I should never have loved one like him.

Hazel de Halfbeau: Yet there you are, totally infatuated with our Wraith Lord.

Karen Tenias: Alas, this I know.

[=] [=] [=] [=]

Lolyx: How did I get here? You better give me an answer, Goldie.

Lars Alterfate: We got here by becoming a flock of crows.

Lolyx: Don't mess around me. If I have a club...

Lars Alterfate: You wouldn't able to do so anyway. Tell me what you see before realising we're here.

Lolyx: I... I saw... a...

Lars Alterfate: What you've seen is a being of a thousand beasts. Someone worse than Demons because of the souls devoured.

[=] [=] [=] [=]

Lukas Brun: What will you do if your beloved one day becomes an animal?

Alestrial Eliaden: Guy will never become one like you or some others.

Lukas Brun: Some others? Fairest daughter of Eliaden, I know a lion when I see one.

[=] [=] [=] [=]

Erik: You can try leashing a wolf at your own risk, lassie. Don't say I didn't warn you if your hand gets bitten off.

Alestrial Eliaden: You speak of Aeranath like some sort of savage beast.

Erik: A wolf knows best the sinful man. This is a common sellsword saying and Aeranath has lived more than long enough as one.

Alestrial Eliaden: As a wolf or sellsword?

Erik: Both.

[=] [=] [=] [=]

Kagetsu no Hyo'Ah: This savagery doesn't disturb you at all?

Aeranath: Do I look like your dog?

[=] [=] [=] [=]

Moggray Tonn: He resembles too much like me.

Southgate Garatt: I'm afraid the Northern Lion might have been surpassed by the cub. Sorry to break this to you, Moggray.

Moggray Tonn: That's why I say he resembles too much like me.

[=] [=] [=] [=]

Fergie Malom: I've yet to seen a fighter crazier than Garyth Parkins himself.

Joes Mouriz: That is until his laddie buck arrives at Merseyside. You may be blind at first, Fergie. But I'm not.

[=] [=] [=] [=]

Lolyx: That man gives me the shivers when we first met. How could you live with him for so long?

Ceres: Because he saved me when I deserved no mercy from my captors.

Lolyx: But they're all rapists! Or at least that's my guess.

Ceres: You're right, Lolyx. They're out to rape me. Arondight may be a beast, but at least he saved me from evil men.

To be cont'd (?)....
I now too sleepy liao...