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Monday, 20 October 2014

Decided to do something useful (?)

Apparently, the worst way to die in dungeon raid is getting your loading time suspended even before the metre hits the halfway mark. While this is surely not a case of devs screwing me, def I'd have suffered the loss of like... maybe 3-4 Unicorn seals? Thankfully, I only managed to get myself screwed after completung my Sharandar quests for the day. iirc tho, that's the worst way to exit a dungeon raid, folks. Trust me when I said I was about to screw that dragon before the bandwidth or whatever decided to screw me.

On a lighter note, my beloved Boro won 2-1 against Brighton at away. Either my sudden absence meant nothing to the team at all or Karanka must have done some super inspiring pre-match pep talk. Either way, I'm still a piss poor blogger who happen to defy the typical S'porean standard of high standard. Might as well do something light on the srs end here...

No, not you Mr Randy Tan...
'Tis no j/k. I've got a churchmate by that name. More specifically Randy part. Before I launch myself into plagiarist mode, allow me to wish Mr Randy Tan and his beloved waifu a "how's life over there in Nippon" greeting.

With belated formalities done, let us continue onto what truly defines the R-word. Whenever we talk abt Randy, two things come to mind.

Randy the Legend. That'd be the late Randy Savage, better known as "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

The other Randy is... well, for the overdose of cheesiness, let's just call him Randy the Legend Killer.

One thing I noticed abt Randy Jr is this:
1. Others see him as an arrogant S.O.B.
2. He sees himself as a genius.
3. Just when John Cena started to become strong, he's still getting himself beaten up by others.

While I profess to have nothing do do w/pt 1, I do have a self-perception when it comes to pt 2. As for pt 3, I'll be the first to out myself as a victim of playground idiocracy for like... more than 10 yrs to near 20 yrs? Maybe that's why I've learnt to be self-cynical. Now if only Gibbo will contact me and offer me a contract next season...

Before I get into the groove...

She-Hulk was right in calling me "someone not right up there"...
Someone should just do a speedrun for this one...

Disclaimer: I do not claim responsibility over Juventus pwning that other Lions team 5-kosong...
Disclaimer: I do not claim responsibility on that famous 30 try penalty shootout.
To all parents: If your kids can't be educated in the classroom...
To She-Hulk: Okay, I know that's lame...
Okay, She-Hulk confirm will kill me this time round, #rko or no #rko
Moral of the story; To all sikeena, pls dun try this @home, @school or @gf's home
Next contender for $$$ in the Bank: Tony Hawk
If anyone finds this scene familiar, be assured that this is what Marauder's Rush looks like in RL
Problem, Jackie Chan?
Truly out of nowhere...
Wrong guy? Houston, we've got problem here...

Some last (?) words to die Schlange of 32SIB:
I can assure you that ppl like Ser A.Fergie, Mourinho, and even Le Professeur himself are considered elephants for a reason.