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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Forgotten Realms: The Neverwinter Six

Tried to re-kicking my ART engine, realized I might need to swear off the PC first due to the most obvious. Or at least I need to invoke, then straightaway exit the game. In case you guys are wondering wtf this post title is all abt, rest assured that you'll know the answer verily soon.

In other news, my beloved Boro has yet again courted the mockery of Steve, Carl, and Benny. 2-0 to Wolves, at least we're still 3rd. Ah well, at least ufotable mina-tachi managed to alert me to something special...

But firstly...
Allow me to express my thanks to each and every of my fellow Corsairs from Luskan for giving this stupid crew mate one hell of a blast in raiding Gauntlgrym. While I cannot comment on my Delzoun rivals, it's actually 100% refreshing to have 4 intelligent ppl leading the way. One problematic issue w/Domination is the fact that once you get yourself into a fix, chances are that it's b/c your team mates are equally dumb, if not dumber. [1] I've had the unwanted experience of getting a runt or two swearing off the rest. [2] You see, it's one thing to call your PUG mtes morons, quite another to realize that even a n00b knows how to cap. [3] Domination is for wolves, not cubs. Thankfully, I've had the honor to fight alongside plenty of wolves in Gauntlgrym.

Now it must be stated that Gauntlgrym is for those who understand organization. It is a battle between the Shinsengumi and Isshin-shishi, it's the Faerûn word for the Boshin War. Firstly, let me say that you'll need prolonged exposure in watching Angelina Jolie in order to perfectly understand the finer art of tomb raiding. It's easy to run about like a headless chicken, quite another to have a duergar taking off your head. The duergars in Gauntlgrym are not just pure evil, but also tough evil. If your gear score numbers less than... like 6K or so at least, chances are that you won't survive getting ganked by 3-4 of those dwarven terrorists.
If you happen to be a Control Wizard or Scourge Warlock, chances are that you'll be able to CC them to death.
If you happen to play a melee striker, good luck to you b/c you'll need plenty of that. [4]

The thing w/fighting Gauntlgrym is this:
There are specific zones meant for specific purposes.

The Forge
For those who are new, I suggest sticking to re-forging weapons after your betters and seniors manage to acquire enough fire to flame the forge. If you happen to kill a fire elemental or three so that you can loot their fire, you better rush back to the forge asap before it officially gets flamed.

The Iron Stables and Water Pump
Same as above, just make sure you don't try multi-tasking. We, the citizens of S'pore, are good at doing this b/c of the society, but trust me when I say intelligent ppl tend to focus rather than to scatter-focus. Either you water the pump or you flame the forge, either you kill earth elementals or fire elementals. If you're not busy re-arming the infantry at the forge, make sure you start re-armoring the cavalry.

Kill dwarven terrorists, kill their boss
Killing the Blasphemer is extremely tricky. You don't go toe to toe w/the Head of Terrorism mano-a-mano unless you happen to be the Manny Pacquiao of Neverwinter. Even then, it merely means you're not necessarily Pinoy. There has to be strict coordination between members. Kill this head like Manchester United, NOT Manchester Dis-United. My suggestion is very simple for those cursed w/gear score of 7K or less: let those who know the game deal w/him. Gauntlgrym is extremely huge and its terrain are peppered w/fire, earth, and dwarven terrorists. Crypt raid is NOT dungeon raid. Which means you'll be allowed as many human team mates as possibly allowed. Therefore, you must discern which area you're gonna zone. Then decide for yourself whether by killing the HoT, you'll be awarded the title of Clegane Slayer.

There is PvP and there is...
PvP actually takes place at the same time as stage 2. Which means it's up to you whether you'll want to join in the proverbial Royal Rumble or stay back and pump in supplies 4 teh lulz. My suggestion is very straightforward: do NOT click that obscene button unless you manage to secure at least 1 key advantage out of the possible 2. Why I say this is NOT b/c I'm out to discourage ppl from learning PvP the cold hard way. Rather, you'll need manpower to secure tactical leverage for your team. Either your buddies manage win the artillery competition or getting the Mega Big Show himself to aid you. iirc if you lose out on both, then allow me to quote a buddy from TFF her fave quote:

Yay, we're screwed! -.-'
~credit to Oddrun who happens to be a German. [5]

After securing either or even both advantages (that is if your team is absurdly efficient enough. Pls be clever and watch the meter in blue), you can have 2 choices: join in the fun or continue supplying help. At this point of time, it depends on whether you're game for doing PvP. If yes, then be mentally prepared to get yourself killed more than 10 times, intelligent friends or no intelligent friends. If no, then you might have to knuckle down doubly hard b/c chances are that many of your faction-mtes would be out going mano-a-mano against the rest. In short, you'll have to gather a whooping 5 elemental materials at one go rather than just one piece per interaction. iirc, this would be when the PvP is its climax.

Fardelver or Dwarf King?
It depends on whether you're a tomb raider fit for a king. If no, then you can only run Fardelver. If yes, then you'll need to decide which one to go first. Via whatever I've seen in the team chat, it seems that plenty of Neverwinners prefer going on a FC speed clear. For my case, I prefer queuing for Dwarf King. Now the one thing is this: Before taking the leap, make sure you do two things:
1. Situate yourself at the relevant crypt.
2. It doesn't hurt to be extra careful by posting in the chat where you'll want to do the raid.

Trust me, you wouldn't want getting yourself into the wrong crypt. I was stupid enough to commit this mistake earlier today.

Oh, and one more thing: Do NOT speed run! Gauntlgrym dungeons might be straightforward terrain wise, but it's residents are anything but that. In short, don't even contemplate joining the Gauntlgrym events if you can't handle the heat. I've had this experience of getting myself on the receiving end for Fardelver, but at least I know this was my team mates having a minor lolz rather than truly allowing me to sink or swim. [6]

The Neverwinter Six: Solar Trilogy

What is a hero's worth? Is it his present or future? Perhaps even neither, for every man is a child of his past. It's like understanding a tree. Lastly the canopy, secondly the trunk, and firstly its roots.
~Herial the Warder

Neverwinter, Jewel of the North. A city which has seen its glory long gone by, the legacy left behind by Lord Nasher Alagondar now in tattered ruins.

The Spellplague, mother of the Wailing Years. An event set off by the god of murder and goddess of the night. The day Mystra perished became a decade of woe. Mystra may have returned, but what else more?

Open Lord Dagult Neverember, ruler of Waterdeep or Neverwinter?

The Hero of Neverwinter, legend or a knave?

Kelemvor and Cyric, Selûne and Shar. The battle is now set, a game of chess no mortal can ever hope to play.

To be cont'd...

[1]: Just don't ask me whether Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are now at Gauntlgrym.
[2]: Ok, I'm being hypocritical here since I'm only 1.6. Still, bailing out halfway just b/c you're some immature prick is 1000 x more uncool than Carlito.
[3]: For those who enjoy calling others retarded while having 0 kills/assist, Iron Man has something to say.
[4]: It is also for this reason that Hunter Rangers tend to be ridiculously powerful ONLY in the hands of those verily best in the business. I mean why should you play a HR or TR if you can't even ****ing master the dodge mechanic?
[5]: Now to think of it, it'd be damn scary if my future gf has a friend living in Germany, Hamburg or no Hamburg.
[6]: Somehow or another, it seems that I might have gleaned a decent or far better rep as some ARPG n00b.