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Friday, 19 September 2014

Server down...

Not the Google server ofc, but rather the Neverwinter server. You see, I alrdy got a new plaything after Marvel Heroes. Not that I'm gonna ditch Stan Lee and friends, but still Neverwinter is truly one hell of a challenge, Why? Because...

1. I tend to get myself disoriented easily.
2. My right hand tend to wander off too much.

Former is basically abt how the camera zoom while latter case is all abt hand-eye coordination. I still remembered the first time I played this for a few hours or so. Thankfully I managed to get used to the motion swaying. I dunno who was the wise magi advising the powers-that-be to do this, but surely utilizing the chaotic manner of camera zooming really works, Why? Because...

1. It gives you a semi-real feel of actual combat.
2. It sets your blood pumping.

Former is basically trying to create a visual illusion of being "there" while latter case is all abt either winning or dying.

But firstly, a solemn advice from yours truly...
This is a game I won't recommend to those below the mental age of 21. You see, there's no actual blood, gore, and body parts. Such details belong to series like God of War and Ninja Gaiden. My only problem with Neverwinter is the fact that it can get extremely addictive if you're not careful. In short, the CC* system can AND will promise you one hell of a free roller coaster ride.**
*CC=/=Crowd Control. Rather, CC=Chaotic Camera
**Either that or you can liken it to one hell of a free bungee jump.
Parents, you've been notified. Any Korean behavior from henceforth is no longer my problem.

Some tips (?) via personal experience
1. Be lagi sure to load yourself w/potions (pls use your brain before splurging like some super chio SPG due to diff types of healing potion healing diff amount of HP). You'll need them should you do a Han Solo.
(pardon my pun, may the President of United States forgive my temerity)

2. In the event where you decided to party, you can forget abt rule satu.
(exemption of any Devoted Cleric from the team equation, however, is exempted from rule dua)

3. In case of doubt, tank.
(unless you wanna risk getting tanked via choosing a DPS as your Chosen One. Using Control Wizard/Scourge Warlock, on the hand...)

4. This is NOT Diablo. In short, either you'll want to get used to whatever camera angle as threat generator or... well...

5. Apparently, you'll have to wait till lvl 32 to have a surefire way in getting rare gear. Until then, you better go grab every Many-Arrows Insignia you see.

6. Pertaining to rule lima, participating in orc skirmish should be a good start.

7. If you get an unidentified item in skirmish or dungeon rush, make sure you really need that item. In any case of doubt, ask yourself whether said equipment is applicable to your character.
(I actually realized it just now after allowing my head to cool down. Being socially inadequate is bad, worst if you happen to be...)

8. Daily quests is your best bet in getting rough Astral Diamonds, Refined Astral Diamonds is every gamer's BFF.

9. You can only do Invocation on 3 hallowed grounds:
a. Campfire
b. Altar
c. That area of Protector's Enclave with a certain hot chick.

10. Creating your own Altar is useful if you happen to fulfill three criteria, namely:
a. You're in need of heal.
b. You're in need of Ctrl+I (i.e. Invocation timer kosong)
c. You're under no risk of generating threat (then again, only stupid ppl will do that 10 tries out of 10)

11. If possible, try doing either Skirmish or Dungeon whenever possible. Both if you happen to have the entire day to yourself. This is to ensure you can get higher lvl loot since treasure chest loot is no diff from 50-50 ball at times.
(read: You may end up getting a higher lvl loot where in fact your current item is a better fit)

12. If you can't get everything in one go, kill monsters first. More oft than not, chest is more important.
(that is unless you get crap for reward)

13. Campfire is very important. On one hand, this ensures minimal wastage of potion (and with that $$$ wasted on potions). On the other, allow Wade Wilson to be my spokesman...
14. Try experimenting with diff skill sets. Neverwinter is NOT your everyday S'porean MMO b/c it requires a lot of trial and error in terms of finding your most effective game. Guess this might be also why Campfire spots are so frequent in-game.
(at least for my current circumstances)

15. If you're good enough, less than 10 healing kit is enough. If not, make sure you have around 10 or so. Fighting monsters has nvr been such a pain in the ass (for me).

Stuff I made up myself 4 teh lulz...

Great Weapon Fighter
Bhaasmond of Baldur's Gate

Control Wizard
Sheallyn Tymoran
[Menzoberranzan Renegade]

Hunter Ranger
Arylos of Cormyr*
[Wood Elf]

Devoted Cleric
Cyrea Corellite
[Sun Elf]

Trickster Rogue
Myrreas of the Dalelands**

Scourge Warlock
Kareis of Luskan

To be cont'd...

*my 1st in-game character
**my 2nd in-game character