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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Server up (today) and down (?/tomorrow)

Gonna have a hand in typing something really boliao. Need to kick myself from the Neverwinter monster tbh...

First impression: PvP
Have to say it's the wonkiest part in the game. More oft than not, you live and die by the manner of your team. PvP in Neverwinter is basically futsal w/o the ball. That is unless you consider a person's head to be a ball. Dark humour aside, my first impression of which class is best for PvP is...
Devoted Cleric
Control Wizard/Scourge Warlock.

Domination is truly one hell of an arena where magic=imba. I'm not too sure whether the imba factor is equal, lesser, or worse than the Speed of Asuryan rule for High Elves (note: this is Warhammer Fantasy Battle I'm talking abt here). If your team ends up bereft of any magic user, then you're gonna eat shit for the rest of the battle. Trust me when I say this is worse than taking a bazooka to the knee.

If you end up having either DC or CW/SW, shit is gonna be a 50-50 ball. If you have both, then chances are that you're gonna beast the opponent (that is provided the other team doesn't have this luxury of a lottery).

In fact, this is why I don't really enjoy playing Domination. Possible layout of any team is quintessentially a case of handing your $$$ to the nearest IR casino. In short, chances of getting unlucky, semi-lucky, or literally lucky is basically probability maths at its finest.

Remember, ppl. In Domination, there's NO such word as "handicap" apart from losing your head in the process. Figuratively ofc...

My record for Domination
W-0; L-2

W-1; L-1

My first impression so far on Domination, class-wise is this: Trickster Rogue is basically your only best bet in taking everything out of something. Hunter Rangers are def the hardest class to master in terms of Domination.

The one thing abt Trickster Rogue is using Stealth. Without Stealth, you're better off dead. Period. One of the trickiest part in getting up close and dirty w/the opponent is the fact that you do NOT try chasing down isolated buggers running abt, TR is all abt taking opponents down while they're still CC'ed or engaged in combat. If you see one bugger running away, be very sure that 'tis a trap.

On Hunter Ranger, this is where the problem comes in. Unless you're ridiculously good at mastering the archery front (i.e. range spec), chances are that you're gonna get yourself raped 10 times out of 10 tries. Domination is far more towards effective CC rather than outright damage dealing, and the worst thing abt Hunter Rangers is that they don't have any decent mechanic mitigating their tactical handicap.

Guardian Fighter is absurdly good in playing up the tank, but even more so in tanking opponents via being the decoy.

Great Weapon Fighter seem to have taken the worst piss in getting nerfed tho since others are now making noise over what they perceive as unfair bias catering to every Justice Wong. I mean if you're really out to please a bunch of ppl who got themselves hard done by the stupid lottery system, you better ask yourself why you're doing it.

Okay, enough abt me being my own Justice Wong. Let's try looking forward. So what kind of HR tactic works best in Domination? My answer is very simple: do a Trickster Rogue sans Stealth.

To pull this off (and trust me when I say I've yet to do so), you'll need Marauder's Rush as the offensive mainstay w/the wife (i.e. Marauder's Escape) being your sole means of falling back. In Domination, there's no room for error. In short, you'll have very little room for dodging Clark Kent's shit. Even then, you'll have to take the risk of getting yourself killed 9 out of 10 tries due to an opponent or two going Rogue.

After you get yourself into an effective MR-ME hit-and-run, there shouldn't be much of a prob in deciding which other 3 skills you should be using...

Whatever you do... NOT try certain moves in Domination since they tend to be more PvE friendly.

Hunter Ranger's dos and don'ts:
(note that I'll only list down the melee build since I know nothing next to shit abt PvP range spec)

1. Marauder's Rush/Escape (your only friend in Domination)
2. Rapid Strike (your staple At-Will)
3. Aimed Strike (for much needed bleeding)
4. Hindering Strike ( if you don't have this as your Encounter staple, no matter what/where, you don't deserve to play HR)
5. Forest Ghost
6. Disruptive Shot (yet to hit 40 mark, DS atm is merely a theory)
7. Aspect of the Lone Wolf (for much needed survival due Wisdom being HR's secondary stat)
8. Aspect of the Pack (if you still dunno how insanely vital this one is, you don't deserve to play HR)

1. Every other At-Will
2. Every other Encounter
3. Every other Daily
4. Every other Class (I do love Blade Storm tho, just that it's ****ing useless in Domination)

Trickster Rogue's dos and don'ts:
(note that >> means combo sequence)

1. Deft Strike (combo set-up)
2. Bait and Switch (Stealth refill)
3. Deception (combined w/Sneak Attack)
4. Sneak Attack (refer to Deception. That plus bonus in running faster=tactical advantage via dodge)
5. Lurker's Assault (Stealth=BFF+BFF=Best Friend Forever+Badass Friend Forever)
6. Whirlwind of Blades (hit Tab>>execute this>>set off fireworks in the bathroom)
7. Blitz (hit Tab>>this>>your ranged BFF)

1. Bloodbath (negligible AoE damage, no idiot is gonna bunch him/herself closely to his/her buddy)
2. First Strike (can only slot 2 Class skills, sorry)
3. Tenacious Concealment (same as above)
4. Tactics (ditto as well. Quite a shame since Tactics is very damn effective as an Action builder)
5. Cloud of Steel (ammo limited=tactically limited. I was stupid enough not to realise this until too late)

One interesting issue abt the Trickster Rogue's play in Domination is this: At-Will attacks tend to be much weaker on the whole unless you max out Scoundrel Training. This might not seem so much of a great deal, but trust me when I say it will matter big time once you choose to up Duelist's Flurry till Rank 2 or even 3. DF has a chance to deal bleed damage unlike Hunter Ranger's Rain of Swords or Aimed Strike (which is 100% surefire success). With 10 hits available, however, you can try doing the maths yourself.

And before I go sleep...
At the end of the day, my suggestion is this: There are many ways to set the opponent up, go w/the one that you're most comfortable with. You can try doing more than 1 mean of combo/tactical set-up, but know what it means when I say Domination is outright crazy in terms of pace.

Next up:
Hollywood advocate the killing of Mr Bill.
Neverwinter champion the murder of Mr, Mrs, and Ms Dragon.
Guess which one is certified badass?