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Monday, 8 September 2014

El Estratega: Diez

Recently, I realised two funny things abt FB.
The first thing is "what in the blue hell is the whole 'sharing w/friends of friends' system?"
The second thing is "why in the blue hell am I seeing my name listed together w/those 1.7 million+ FB'ers liking Park Shin-hye's FB page?"

Ultimately, I can only deduce two conclusions.
1. That American Jew has too much free time to burn.
2. Either someone I don't know got too much free time to burn or I got too much free time to burn w/o realising it.

Who you're gonna call?

























《史记; 留侯世家》

During the third year of Han, the King of Xiang launched an immediate siege against the King of Han at Xianyang. Filled with fear, the King of Han sought Li Yiji's counsel in a bid to undermine the enemy's power. Yiji advised: "During the ancient times when (Shang) Tang declared war on (Xia) Jie, the former honoured the Xia loyalists at Qi. Likewise when the Wu King attacked the Zhou (regime), he also honoured the enemy loyalists at Song. The regime of Qin was deprived of integrity, attacking worthy men serving their respective masters. Hence after destroying the other six states (i.e. Qi, Chu, Yan, Han, Zhao, Wei), none were left to carry on the legacy of those vanquished. Why not honour the descendants of the remaining six states? The civilians together with the nobility will then pledge allegiance unto Your Majesty. After displaying magnanimity, Your Majesty can consolidate power at Nanxiang. By then, the Chu will submit willingly."

The King of Han replied: "A good proposal. Take my seal and do what you need to do!"

Before Yiji managed to set off, Zhang Liang entered to pay his respects. The King of Han was having his meal during then. He then called out: "Zifang! Someone has given me good advice on how to undermine our enemy!"

After explaining Yiji's proposal, the King of Han then inquired: "How does Zifang think of this?"

《Annals of History: Marquis of Liu》
Written by Sima Qian

I'll stop here temporarily. Firstly, the whole hoo-ha was down to Xiang Yu declaring siege war on Liu Bang at Xianyang. Basically, it means Liu Bang managed to get himself into the ex-capital of the ex-regime. Knowing what kind of person is Xiang Yu, should it be surprising to know his reaction? Xianyang wasn't just the capital of the now defunct Qin dynasty, above all it's also the most damning evidence pointing the Chu faction as one bossed by a despot. Lest we do not know, when Xiang Yu entered Xianyang, he basically did two things.
1. Executing the Crown Prince Ziying. [1]
2. Allowing his men to loot the city. [2]

Li Yiji's proposal basically makes major sense due to Xiang Yu's repute being no diff from the two famous despots before Qin, namely the Jie King of Xia and Zhou King of Shang. Ironically, the former's demise actually brought about the latter's dynasty. [3] Therefore, surely what the Tang King of Shang and Wu King of Zhou had done should work equally well for the Liu King of Han, no?

We must know that Xiang Yu's vassals were quintessentially descendants hailing from the other six warring states annihilated by Qin prior to its namesake dynasty. By being Han d'Generous cum lauded d'Goodman [4], the both commoners and nobles serving under the Chu banner would surely flock under the new banner of Liu Bang's new world order!

When we say a hungry man is an angry man, we must also understand that a happy man is an eating man. When it comes to food and glorious food, there's no diff between Austin Powers and Fat Bastard. [5] So imagine the kind of feeling Liu bang was having while eating in peace.

Now it must be said that I'm a certified neutral in K-drama, but Zhang Liang's coincidental appearance do seem a bit like the female lead getting herself into trouble w/o knowing it, after which that main flower hero next door decided to pop in and say hi. As a result, that guy managed to save the girl from getting raped.

Upon seeing his boss' ignorantly blissful face, I guess Zhang Liang must be wondering why this particular scenario feels so ominous.

Ofc w/Liu Bang being Liu Bang, quite obviously he'd want to share his joy w/his friends. I mean if I manage to get a gf who happened to be rich, pretty, and intelligent, surely I'll do so as well, no? Check this out, peeps.



Let us see, then, why Zhang Liang saw the potential success behind Yiji's proposal as nothing more than Taylor Swift getting a 100% steady boyfriend by this Christmas.



This was Zhang Liang mentioning the Tang King of Shang attacking the last Emperor of Xia with Liu Bang giving his most self-damning answer. We must understand that the act of honouring the Xia loyalists only took place AFTER defeating the actual head honcho mentioned. By asking whether Liu Bang was able to take down Xiang Yu ala how Nightcrawler actually took down Exodus, it's a bit like...

Me: Do you think our cubs can hold fort against teams hell bent in playing ball forward? I don't mean at 0-0, but something like 2-0 down like that...
Stange: Erm... not so confident lah.

Above skit has got nothing to do w/whether I'll earn a free trip to Incheon based on free merit. Rather, Liu Bang's reply was merely a case of "not sure if I can win or not."



Jialat... one kosong down, so how? As if dissing not enough, Zhang Liang decided to reiterate the point that #TeamHan sucks. By invoking the King Wu of Zhou's example of honouring the Shang loyalists, we're seeing Zhang Liang beating his boss repeatedly w/a historical two-by-four. [6] Quite a bit like...

Me: Do you think we can pull one over Brendan Rodgers at Anfield later on?
Karanka: I'm not really confident of that...



I dunno whether Zhang Liang alrdy got gf by then or not, but if so, I suspect she must be his mentor's grand daughter. [7] Maybe that's why he mentioned King Wu of Zhou again.
By honouring an enemy vassal's household (i.e. Shang Rong), it's like Taylor Swift composing a song praising Harry Styles.
By releasing the enemy's son, it's like O Especial seeing his next match against Le Professeur as a dead rubber 90 mins run out.
By honouring the grave of a deceased loyal vassal (i.e. Bi Gan), it's like us winning that most lucrative 90 mins in modern football, after which there's a post-match press conference to attend.

Karanka: We got promoted and we deserved the win. However, Derby was a worthy opponent. I believe the fans shouldn't forget what Steve (McClaren) has done for this proud football club.

Can Liu Bang truly do what King Wu of Zhou had done? Liu Bang might be a scoundrel enjoying fine wine and the company of women thrice finer, but at least he's humble enough to recognise this before his finest servant.

To be cont'd...
...b/c even a genius needs zzzzzzzzzzz...

[1]: In short, this guy surrendered already, but still kill him.
[2]: In short, you're free to kop lui and hong chiobu.
[3]: However, it must also be noted that you don't happen to destroy any given dynasty within a few years unless we're talking abt terrorist dynasty.
[4]: Wah piang eh... damn cumbersome title siah...
[6]: And to think imagining yourself getting beat w/this is alrdy painful enough, let alone imagining Triple H being that proverbial Excellence of Execution.

P.S: Feel like adding this 4 teh lolz!