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Monday, 15 December 2014

Nvr knew my boss (y) something I RT'd...

Only realized earlier today. Apparently, even orang melayu has heard of Neverwinter.

P.S: If you think this is me shamelessly advertising Cryptic studios and what not... well, you're wrong. My character is such that I can get absurdly obsessed w/whatever I do. And that includes gaming in general...

Some tips to remember...

1. Using Soulforged armor can be really hazardous. Generally, the difference between a n00b and a pro lies in whether one can make the most out of getting a rez... I swear you can get yourself killed easily once Soulforged effect gets triggered. Witness it first hand during my previous Gauntlgrym PvP. I'm not fibbing srsly. Want to use it for PvP, best you max the rank.

2. Assist is a very good way to learn PvP. In short, it actually does something decent or better when honing your tactical awareness of the situation. PvP in Neverwinter will always be absurdly fast paced, so you won't have time to react and resist (trust me when I say my character always die in open ground ambush). Unless you happened to be ppl like Juan "mata mata merah" Mata, Cesc "amigos @Barca, why always me?" Fàbregas, and Joe "not angry*" Allen.
*Disclaimer: I don't profess to share any views with TLJ by default. I just happened to find the 2nd half utterly hilarious.

3. A word of advice from yours truly: if your hardware specs is good enough, then there should be no worry of prolonged lag. Over the past few days, I realized the lag had died down while that message on top written in Taylor Swift's fave color has subsided quite a bit (not that server non-response is officially dead, but rather the chances have been nerfed big time).

4. If there's anything to go by, your highest chances of getting a lag would be doing the events for dungeon delves and Arena. In particularly, I doubt you won't get a lag or two if your 5 man gang happen have 2 Devoted Clerics or more (suspect lag is due to the possible number of frames executed. High time for me to upgrade graphic card, it seems).

5. If you think getting killed in PvE via lag is bad, wit till you get to PvP. That one's a greater monster. I know b/c whenever I hit a lag against another human opponent, it means I'm screwed (that plus I actually told the PC vendor that I won't be using it for gaming. Something I regretted b/c that's so last yr).

6. There has been calls for awarding more points for every successful assist. Why? 'Cuz you can KO that bugger, but too far away to deal the killing blow.

7. PvP gear is NOT for general PvE. Your PvP gear is pretty much as good as screwed if you happen to do any high end adventure zone (read: killing those stark raving mad cultists).

8. Skirmish and Gauntlgrym dungeons are exception to this rule due the break neck pace and relatively far shorter instance. I can assure you that having at least a 10% movement speed means tactical leverage (that plus maxing out your Battlewise feat alone=/=able to dodge aggro for GG dungeons). Most likely the reason why I can't really make the top cut for Executioner and Paingiver rankings. Living Dead title? You bet this is Arylos' first group PvE title. Talk abt invoking the name of Kelemvor lol!

9. If you want to be a srs PvP'er, be prepared to lose and learn. Try getting yourself used to ganking circumstances since no one will be charitable enough. Not even your own party if we're talking abt kills and assists.

10. Best way to win those Seals.of Triumph is to win 1 GG PvP. since any PvP victory will do when it comes to the Domination Battlemaster's end. Doubt it's a bug since there's no reason for the devs to discourage ppl from PvP.

12. One genius does not make a team, but one sucker can destroy it (read: if ppl know how dangerous of a mutha****a you are, they won't be dumb enough to let you run abt causing mayhem).

13. For convenience's sake, it's best for you to allocate enchantments for both your PvE and PvP gear. In this way, you won't have to burn your gold just to remove and reallocate.

A/N-Realized I need to sleep soon. Might as well temporarily stop here since my next rant-alysis will be covering some specific PvP stuff (read: all your base are belong to us).