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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A promise I made...

...on the Neverwinter FB page. iirc it's more of a reply to a comment on a fellow Neverwinner pertaining countless daily quests bar those offered by Rhix and Dagult Neverember. One of the most common challenges facing MMOs is this: How are you, as part of the dev crew, going to prevent whatever risk present in prolonged grinding?

Grinding is not abt having sex w/your ideal A-list celebrity, but rather the fact that the gamers have to tahan N hrs of pointless monster bashing just to achieve actual rewards (in this sense, focusing on PvP sooner or later actually seems legit). It's not abt what you kill as who, but rather doing the same thing w/nary a challenge (one good reason why Industrial City patrol in Marvel Heroes 2015 is so lag-vulnerable is due to doing the same thing w/a tactical twist, i.e. too many blokes and gals in the same server/instance).

Ofc there are certain alternatives to avoiding this problem called boredom. The most common way is to swear off the game temporarily, so that you can actually get a breather by spending time w/your bf/gf. Conversely speaking, it also possibly means that PWE is trying to prevent stuff like this below from happening.

Then, we have that thing called time planning. When you feel that 'tis high time for you to get a decent life off the PC, then chances are that you might end up playing less on a daily basis (pardon my shitty pun).

In the event above scenarios are too good/bad to be true...
Ever since its official release last year, Neverwinter has created a whopping total of 5 campaigns (including PvP as well fyi). Story mode is story mode, the blokes @Cryptic quite obviously understood the need to bait the gamers. Let them grind for a fair bit (read: few months or so), then VOILA! We have a new campaign up in the cards.

Just as always, new campaigns means a few things:
1. No more grinding. At least for the next few weeks/couple of months.
2. New campaign packs (which may or may not be offered to the existing gamers for free as a loyalty reward).
3. At least one new race & class (Hero of the North pack doesn't count on the racial end since drow and Menzoberranzan Renegade are technically the same).
4. Perks and bragging rights.*

iirc Tyranny of Dragons is nearing to an end if there's anything to go by Tiamat's presence. So who'll be next unholy sucker? I'd take Cyric since there should be plenty on the plate given Kelemvor's plot presence+Mystra finally making her long awaited resurrection. Hell, we may even end up seeing the real Alustriel Silverhand (pls note that Alustriel Silverhand=/=Alestrial Eliaden). If so, then we're out to see plenty of fun from the Zhentarim. Not to mention Elminster Aumar vs Manshoon Part Deux.

Or maybe we'll end up seeing a political crisis facing Dagult Neverember since the Sons of Alagondar do play a pivotal role thus far? Since they've got a major supporting role in the early parts in-game, why not give Arlon Bladeshaper some much needed screen time?

What about linking the next season w/whatever happening thus far where Drizzt Do'Urden and his merry Companions are concerned? Do note that those durned drow do have their grubby grip on Gauntlgrym now (and that's NOT including that most dangerous mutha*bleep* better known as Artemis "Barrabus the Gray" Entreri). Lest we forget, Faerûn's most BA rivalry actually had a hand in Neverwinter's current fate.

Suggestions that may make some sense...
In S'pore, the chenghu will always say something like this during any dialogue session:
"Please make your questions succinct."

Where I get this info, no one has the right to buah me. What I'm gonna say is this: What the header says.

Make CTA as a fixed event
In short, maybe the devs can try doing the Call to Arms event like... once every month or two? Via my personal experience, CTA is def the most in-demand event second only to Respen's Marvelous Game (albeit the last RMG was weirdly bugged). Order wise, maybe the devs can try doing each skirmish once instead of doing the same skirmish twice (note that CTA do have a history of hosting the same skirmish twice). The key lies in reliving the good ol'days where you can bash anybody you like sans the level limitations.

PvP event
Won't suggest this since the PvP queuing system is terribly broken atm. But if the devs decide to go ahead w/this, then it'll be good to do the queuing system in the gear score bracket. Sadly, it seems that the devs have tried this before (I mean the GS part). The outcome? Insanely long queuing time.

CTA: Dungeon ver
How cool can this get? The only bummer? High likelihood of insanely long queuing time (see above). Interestingly enough, the devs can opt to say "hey, let's scrap the other dungeons so that every player can focus on our newly modded CTA!"

Respen's Marvelous Dungeon
You've fought the original McCoy, now for that newly evolved Beast. Technically speaking, the relationship between the real CTA and the real Respen's Marvelous Game can be summed up below.

Make Temple of Tiamat longer
Not duration of process, but rather duration of event. I know plenty of ppl will think I'm batshit crazy due to comments of laggy rubberbands going around like da'man w/swords. True, false, or exaggerated, I don't care since I've yet to hit that laggy point (and to be fair, lag problem was actually much more serious the last time round). This is to give more gamers the chance to expose and express themselves.

Achievement points
Gamers are still clamoring for this, I suppose. Let's make things a bit spicier here, shall we? Let's say your character has the title "The Immortal" (i.e. this). What kind of bonus will this self pompous assery give you? Very simple. 5% chance of revival complete w/half life restored! (only caveat is having a 3-5 min cooldown) It's been quite some time since boys like Baofeng, Michael, Rion, and possibly Jeffrey (plus maybe even girls like Sharifah and Sheryl) have played CS while our ITE lecturer ain't looking at the right direction. So let's rumble! Not just PvP titles, but also PvE ones as well. To better every gamer's access to the 1st Gaming Amendment, why not give them a PvE specific perk? (Master of Monsters, anyone?) Unless a miracle happens (and I mean it without being sarcastic to the devs), chances are that not every gamers will be like me (read: bodoh enough to learn the PvP ropes via constant death loop).

Realms of *insert relevant term here*
Ever wondered how it feels to have a kick ass NPC giving you dailies? Done correctly, a daily quest keeps the rest away. Inspired by the Siege of Neverwinter event, why not do an event lasting 1-2 weeks? By visiting a specific NPC every Realmers enjoy loving/hating, every hero/heroine can have a chance to impress him/herself. Every brand new day brings a brand new quest. Chance to get new title? Cool BA loot even for the uncommon ones? Who knows you might even have the chance to meet additional BA NPCs!

The only catch? Wizards of the Coast need to play arbitrator. Some examples listed below:

Want an audience with Elaith Craulnober somewhere @Waterdeep?
Must pakei w/Elaine "not you, Elaine" Cunningham.

Want to seek Erevis Cale @Stormweather Towers?
Go find Paul "neither that 13th disciple nor that walrus" S. Kemp first.